02 October 2009

Dear John: Please Behave

I was going to blog for you this evening.
I had some earrings to share.

But, uh . . .
we are having some problems in the john.

Is it normal for a girl to run the washing machine,
only to have suds start bubbling up and over the toilet bowl down the hall?
Because I have to tell you,
I'm feeling a bit concerned.

Now, I know we have an old house.
The lights flicker when we run the garbage disposal.
You can hear the wind outside with your head buried
beneath a pillow and two blankets.

Hell, I can even peel back three layers of vintage wallpaper in the dining room.

But, uh.
Washer water mixing with the toilet water?
And, (OH LORD) what if the opposite is happening??
I'm all for having a clean toilet.
But a bevy of bubbles in the bowl ain't really what I had in mind.
(No matter how nice it may smell.)

Lilac and Lavender, anyone???

I got troubles.


  1. Oh dear. That does sound like trouble! :S

  2. Ahh! I don't even know how that could possibly happen!?

    Good luck figuring it out and here's hoping it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to ensure the seperation of wash and waste :)

  3. Oh no, JJ-- yes, I hope you haven't been washing the dishes with toilet water!

    P.S. How is it that you can make a post about a toilet still sound somewhat poetic?

  4. hmm... does sound like trouble... like the other day when I was peeling carrots and stuffed the peels down the garbage disposal and let-r-rip. Then I went to do a load of laundry. To my surprise, when the rinse cycle was finished, I opened the lid to see a washing machine full of clean clothes - covered in carrot shavings. Yikes.
    Good luck on your sudsy situation - any may you not have the issue to deal with in reverse ;)

  5. hmmmm....has any toilet paper found its way into your washer yet? :)

  6. Please don't take offense that I chuckled at this story... You even make trouble sound delightful, sweet JJ!!!

  7. oh my...this could be bad....mmmmm
    Well nothing like a life with adventure right????
    have a great weekend!
    love and light from Canada...C

  8. we must be sisters! this happened to me about 10 years ago. have no fear, no toilet water is getting into you wash!!! nothing is going backwards. call roto-rooter or arco-rooter. they will run a snake into your toilet and unblock the blockage and all will flow smoothly ever after!

    i love you, sweetie! let me know if this is the case, and if we really are sisters or not (lol).

  9. I agree with Allison......this isn't funny, but your outlook on life is both inspiring and refreshing!!! I'm sure that it's just "one of those things" and your plumber will make your sewer right again :)))

  10. Oh dear - SO many inappropriate potty jokes I could make. Instead, I will send you warm wishes. Hope your weekend gets better.

  11. ...haHAha...reminds me of when friends & i rented a cottage by the ocean & when the owner was giving us the tour...& when he flipped on the indoor light switch to the TV room & the outdoor sprinkler when on...haHAha...his comment was..."pretty straight forward"...

    now my friends & i use that line to describe undescribables...often...somehow it's all connected...

  12. ok, our house was built in the 60's. it had been a year or 2 since the house had been lived in, but it was still all hooked up and stuff got checked regularly. shortly after we moved in and were settling, whenever we ran the waching machine or the dishwasher, water would pore out from UNDERNEATH the toilet (the toilet itself only over-flowed once). it also came up out of the drains in the tubs and sinks. we thought it was the house, that something horrible happened and we were screwed. after much work and investigation, we discovered it was NOT our plumbing, but somewhere between houses there was a clog in the cities pipes. they got cleared and we got back to normal. i hope all is well with you!