21 October 2009

I Don't Know What to Call This Post

Random things to share,
some good news and bad news.

First, I'm back!

I have a new baby, a Mac monster.
a 24" iMAC desktop.
it's the prettiest thing ever.
I opened my wallet this morning and a moth flew out.

I have internet.
I have my music and my old photos and am working to
recreate all my passwords, bookmarks, etc.
It's a bit like moving, this new computer set-up thing.

I do NOT have any software uploaded yet.
Image-editing software, any sort of word processing software,
Excel, etc., etc., etc.
I'm hoping to get that all accomplished today.
Hey, but I have internet!
That was a feat for me to accomplish!
I'm a total monkey with technology.
My eyes glaze over and I begin to uncontrollably drool.
But hopefully I'll be able to post photos of new work for you
by tomorrow.

I'll just bake a big pie and tell Keith he can only have some
if he helps me with all this techno-nonsense.

So overall, there are still some loose ends to tie up,
but things are looking up in this facet of life!!

* * * * *

Things are looking very down, however, in one respect.
Raisin Revolver has very suddenly become very sick.
I'll be taking him to the vet in about an hour.

I don't know that he will come home.

He began wheezing late yesterday afternoon.
He isn't drinking or eating.
He's lethargic and dehydrated.

I've given him water with a syringe and lots of cuddling.
Hopefully this is just a respiratory infection.
But he is nearly 11 years old.
Do pets and machines count in the old adage that deaths come in three's?

Please send along any healing thoughts this way.
We get so attached to our little fur-balls.



  1. Glad to see you up and running once again. Will say a little prayer for your family and Raisin. Take care.

  2. Awwww so sorry to hear about Raisin Jess. The good news is Chinchillas usually have a life span of 18 - 22 years! Hopefully the vet will figure out the problem and he'll be as good as new and you can still enjoy him for another 11 years!! He's in our prayers.

  3. Fingers Crossed For Raisin JJ. I get terribly attached to my pets too and its so hard when they get sick. I'll keep him in my good thoughts today. Glad that you are back on line...I want to talk to you about our 'joint' project. I can stop thinking about how badly you faired!

  4. I send Raisin healing thoughts. I don't understand why deaths have to come in threes..which three does one count? I am sorry he is sick, 11 years old!!!! He can not be obviously in better hands.

    Wish you the best RR!

  5. Oh Mac Monster how do I love thee....let me count the ways!!!!
    Glad to wee you back and connected, I am sure I will be hearing form you soon...
    Prayers for the little Raisin...oh so hard...I am the BIGGEST BABY when It comes to pets passing..last year we had to put down our bunny...she had had a stroke...took her to the vets...they put us in the "grief room" where I cried my eyes out..the nurse gave me a funny love when she came to get Petal...maybe because I was crying more then my 5 year old or could it have been the way I clung to the blanket Petal was wrapped it???? Oh if only there was a hidden camera...
    Sending loving, healing thoughts to the little critter and to the rest of Raisin's family....xo

  6. Sending a big hug to Raisin all the way from Illinois- and to you, too.. I hope he is ok!

  7. Oh no! Poor Raisin! We need him to pick the winners for all of your give a ways! I really hope he gets better soon.

  8. John & I will send good mojo your way ....

  9. Oh dear, poor Raisin. He's so lovely, and at 11 years, well woven in the family fabric of love, care and attention.

    Thinking of you and Raisin today, JJ.


  10. prayers for your Raisin! Hope you have better news to report! {hugs}