11 October 2009

Morsel Monday: Issue 11

Liza Ward's Words

In 2004, Vogue came out with an article that moved me so much,
I ripped it out of the magazine and have
saved it for nearly five years.

In it, Liza Ward describes how jewelry teaches us who our grandmothers were.
How who they decided to be was evident in the adornments they chose to wear.
Her words ring true.
THIS . . .
is why I love to make jewelry.

{{Liza Ward is an amazing writer, by the way,
and if you haven't read her book, Outside Valentine,
I highly recommend it.}}

I've scanned my wrinkled, scrawled-upon copy so that
I might share this hugely inspiring piece with you.
You can see from my marks what parts speak the loudest to me.

(Please don't come for me Vogue or Liza;
I love you both and mean no copyright harm.)

The following are zoom images that comprise
the two page article pictured above.
You should be able to click these to enlarge them,
making the words easier to read.

If you love jewelry,
I promise it's worth the five minutes it takes to read this.

This is why, during my GiveAway last month,
I asked you what your favorite piece of jewelry is and why.
. . . because it matters.
The women who come after you will want to know.
They will look for the answers to questions they were never able to ask you
deep in the shine of your stones and silver.
Your wedding rings,
Your yellow plastic hearts.
Your beaded bangles and vintage lucite strands.
In a way very similar to how many of us look at the treasures our own
families' women left behind.

I have begun a letter . . . to whom, I don't really know.
A daughter.
A granddaughter.
To someone years from now.
It will stay in my jewelry box, sealed with a kiss,
and a wish for a bright future.

It will explain my collection and why I loved each piece.
And it will request that the pieces be taken and loved all over again.

Take what you can relate to, it will say.
Take what reminds you of me.
And take that which shows our commonalities,
the parts of myself that still live in you.

Thank you Liza Ward, for the idea.
And for explaining the relevance,
the tug,
the passions and joys behind the jewelry so well.

* * * * *

In lieu of a recipe, this week I wanted to share
this lovely idea I stumbled across when looking for
some fresh takes on making homemade bread.

This website gives a detailed guide on how to build an
Keeping a log of your favorite homemade dishes to pass down
to the following generations . . .
how sweet is that?

Jewelry and Recipes . . .
the best things to give and inherit.

Happy Monday Everyone!!


  1. Beautiful thoughts Jess...thanks! Makes one happy to be a woman, for our femininity, sensitivity and expressions of love. Beautiful article. xo

  2. This is really, really beautiful. I teared up when you said the part about the letter in your jewelry box sealed with a kiss..I'm feeling really emotional tonight, I suppose. Wonderful post.

  3. lovely, indeed....what we wear on our neck & fingers is about who and what we keep in our heart.

    and i did inherit a family cookbook of the boekell's favorite meals when i married paul...its a wonderful (albeit underused) addition.


    ps my confirmation word is conect...hmmmm....

  4. I look forward to reading this article RR, saving it for printing later today! I have enjoyed looking at my Mom's jewelry, the few things that she has, hardly any of which she bought for herself. It speaks of an era. Have a great week.

  5. My grandmother and her 2 sisters made a cookbook a couple yrs ago and only published enough for the family.. Three Sisters cookbook!!! I love it, it has so many yummy recipes from my childhood, when I make them and share them with my family it makes me happy to know that my grandma will always live on in the wonderful food she cooked. I think it is such a great idea.. I like the jewelry letter, seems very intimate and personal.

  6. And a Happy Monday to you JJ. it is Thanks giving up here in Canada...and today I am thankful for you!

  7. Lovely; thanks for sharing this!

  8. Happy Monday! Such lovely sentiments- you have such a way with images and words. You are truly creating heirloom pieces.

  9. Thanks everyone! I know this was a super sappy post, but this article just gets me all worked up!! Hope you all have a lovely week! Thank you for being here and continuing to stop by.

  10. This is so warm-hearted and important: thank you :)

  11. 'tis the reason I do what I do! What a great article! I vaguely remember reading this when it came out. You must keep it forever!

  12. Great post! Now go put up a "follow this blog" box or I'll have to copy you! tee hee!


  13. I inherited some pieces from my grandmother and I love them! i love the idea of these precious personal pieces being passed down from generation to generation.