15 October 2009

Porch and Path

Palette Play
It's concoction of color around here.

We don't do drab.

: )


  1. Geeeeez! I miss summer already! =( hehe
    Lovely colours & photos JJ!! Wow!

  2. Oh WOW!
    We've got an early dose of winter here in Edmonton. Today is the definition of drab--grey roads, grey skies, grey everything. It's nice to get a little POP-POP-POP from North Carolina!

  3. Stunning....but of course darling, YOU DO NOT do drab!!!!
    Not trying to hound you or anything but would love you to contribute to "The Challenge"....hound hound hound...but i am a cute hound!!!
    PS planning to do a post on you later next week...can't wait

  4. Another post from Edmonton here! I'm already tired of winter, and it's only October 15th - methinks it will be a long, depressing winter (at least for me) this year.
    Keep posting the non-drab photos, JJ!! Those of us north of the border need some colour inspiration for the next 6 months or so until the return of spring :)

  5. WOW to those colours!!(and ahem....corinna and inkytonka have me grateful that I am here and not back home in Vancouver or Edmonton...although I do miss my family from there ALOT!)xoxo
    How odd is it that I was from Edmonton and all three of us are commenting on your gorgeous blog post, right?

  6. Wow, gorgeous colors--and gorgeous photos! :)

  7. Gorgeous color!! You're yard look a sight better than mine. My hydrangeas colored up a bit unusually this year & fit right in with the fall palette.


  8. That's so neat that there are other Edmontonians following this blog! When I wrote "Edmonton" I expected most people would think, "Where??"

    JJ's colourful art is drawing our already winter-weary eyes southwards... Beautiful!

  9. Hehe . . . you poor Canadians! Though it's been cold and rainy here the past two days (we might have differing definitions of cold and I don't know what our temps translate to in celsius.) But it serves me right I'd be freezing now after bragging earlier in the week about how nice the weather has been!! : )

  10. Oh J.J. what stunning inspiring colours. Grey, and green are the limits to the palette here in Ireland...also its unseasonably warm here after a miserable cold summer. It has forced me to book a winter sunshine holiday in the Canary Islands....but untill then I will have to feast my eyes on your pictures. Stunning!

  11. Beeeeautiful photographs. Can't wait to see some of your new pieces. I already know I'm going to love them.