27 October 2009

A Vintage Experiment

My friend Amy over at PonderandStitch
has been waiting forever for her custom order.
A vintage cornflower ring.

We scoured the net for the perfect cab
and finally came across this azurine-hued
marquis cut of vintage west-German glass.
(Stop drooling people; it's not edible.)

Being the sweet petite peach of a lady she is,
Amy needed a small ring.
While working on hers,
I got the notion to try something else in a vintage cab,
but on a more, er, Rosy sort of scale.

(Amy's ring, just in case you're wondering, is about the size of this cameo's head.)

This cab is a faux ivory, made of resin, and nothing super spectacular.
Except for the fact that it's a bit of German history,
and I love the detail.
It's a very raised , substantial cameo.
Not the delicate sort of piece from the Victorian era.

I plopped her in a hand-hewn bezel made to look like it once was encircled with rhinestones.
I know, I know.
You're probably wondering why I would make a setting that looks like it's missing stones.
Do I need a reason?
: )

A wide band, heavy patina, and distressed edges all keep this little lady from being too sweet.

A cracked heart hides beneath.
{{You know how well we women can smile through those.}}

Perfect, I think, with frayed fall jeans and a colorful scarf.
Out at the flea market, or the local produce stand.
Casual and flippant, but somehow a bit dark.

Modern day costume jewelry.
Fit for an urban cowgirl,
a trendsetter.
Or a traditionalist.


  1. damn your brilliance. i am smitten with both. just need to send moola asap... to keep in your queue. xoxoxoxo. me.

  2. {{{{{SWWOOOOONNNNN}}}}}} that gorgeous cameo ring!!!!!!!!! Me needs it!! ;)

  3. WOW--both so gorgeous! I love the little blue ring, but the cameo is a show stopper too. It's fun working with vintage items, I love the history and patina that the have...

    (oh, and your photos are really lovely too, with the flowered background..!)

  4. That cornflower seems to glow from within - very cool piece. That cameo is a show stopper, love the detail work along the outside and underside with the broken heart- an instant heirloom for some lucky lady. As usual, your words and photos are simply lovely.

  5. WOWZA!!! You've outdone yourself again............beautiful, drool-worthy work.

  6. Usually I read your posts and look at all the gorgeousness and think to myself how jealous I am of the lucky lady who will one day wear the piece you've shown-- only...this time...the lucky lady is me! I am still in awe of it and can't wait to hold it in my hands. It's weird- like I have some strange connection to this ring. But I do. I feel it.

    And that cameo!!! I LOVE IT! Every bit of it is amazing- and I have never in my life loved the BACK of a ring so much. That cracked heart was the perfect touch. The ring kind of has a mixture of sorrow and joy and pain and love... it's perfect.

  7. The cameo is freaking gorgeous! It was all I could do not to snatch that baby up when I was at work today!

  8. These are so gorgeous, and I am loving the back of that ring as much as the front! I am a sucker for attention to detail, and yours is amazing!

  9. Both are so lovely, special and unusual.

  10. WOW WOW WOW...both are stunning...that cameo is so special...really really amazing...you did it again young one...you did it again!!!

  11. WOW, it's amazing!!!!! I love this ring!! ;-)

  12. What a beautiful vintage blue ring. It is so lady like. I usually go for more bold...but I love vintage as well. And this piece is beautiful! Wonderful!