30 November 2009

Blessings Necklace: Part 2

Blessings Necklace: A Sterling Silver and Druzy Jasper Throat Fringe

I don't think I could have put more symbolism in this necklace.
There is something to be said about the blessing in each stage of life.
Whatever your metaphor for this existence,
you may well find it here.
Wheels turning,
roots deepening, leaves budding forth and blossoming upwards,
leaves tumbling down again.
The green of spring and white of winter,
the yellows and rusts of a sun getting high and about to set.
A horizon line.
It's all in this piece.

It is a cycle of a necklace.
A microcosm for this life, and the blessings here within.

In the Etsy shop tonight.


  1. You can say that this is certainly one of a beautiful kind! Very nice!

  2. -Love the layers- I keep seeing new things every time I look, must check out further.
    -Love the pics from the photo shoot, extremely cool (especially the old cars shots, we are old car people over her at my house)
    -enjoyed sharing in your Christmas tree adventures (must buy myself some cool boots)
    Take care.

  3. That kicks so much ass that my heart aches.

  4. ...oh...you also captured...an American Indian...spirit...in this one...this is so SPECIAL...WOW...

  5. Ms. Revolver...this is super spectacular!!! I love it!

  6. There are no words, except to say that there are none.


  7. Holy WOW! Amazing, Jess, you have outdone yourself. Absolutely amazing.