05 November 2009

A Clay Experiment

This is a clay bead.
Made by the amazing Heather Powers.

I bought the bead locally and only later discovered that she has an Etsy Shop.
I don't bead.
But I had to try and use it, selfishly, in my own way.

I set it in a silver bezel, much like all my bezels,
but with a little extra distress and texture.

A beaten band and scratchy matte finish.

The bead reminds me of something made long ago by tanned, toned, calloused hands.
Perhaps worn on leather, or sinew, or among seashells.

I love the ruddiness and the relief.
The warmth and worn nature of this bead.
Somewhere between the fragility of dried flowers
and the strength of carved horn.
Something restful.
Something rustic.

I will always love my stones.
But I really wanted to step away for a few moments.
Into something as much of man as of the earth,
and yet recalling the earth,
and celebrating her.

I've been feeling a bit restless.
Wanting to press outward and upward against the confines
of a box it sometimes feels I build around me.
A beautiful box, made of silver and stone.
But what else is out there?

I am dabbling in experiments even as I complete orders and hold tight to my style.
First Vintage.
Now Clay.
Brass soon.
And glass soon.
And . . .

Just trying to push the limits.
Trying to round out the rough edges of a box.
Round out my work.
Round out my life.
And stay passionate.
And stay fresh.

I think it looks like potpourri on your finger.


  1. i'm so excited to see your dabblings in new materials! (esp the brass) lovely as usual lovely lady!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhh gorgeous!!! I LOVE the look of that bead and I love how you beat up the band of the ring. Of course you never cease to amaze me- and never cease to amaze all of us!

  3. i love the asymmetry of the bezel and garden surround. the marriage of ceramic and silver . the love invested in finger candy.
    thank you again... for the reminder to stretch a little too.

  4. It is beautiful. I love it.

  5. Absolutely beautiful ~ you have done that bead so much justice I love using artisan made beads.

  6. pretty~pretty~pretty, congrats on pushing your boundaries and done so very nicely.

  7. Love the textures and colors. I can see all the possibilities- love the idea of expanding and recreating the idea of metal and stone.

  8. There you are! I have missed you...but this was worth the wait...lovely as usual...
    DEFINITELY one of a kind....just like you

  9. reminds me of the stitching one might find on a good, well worn saddle or pair of frye boots. needless to say, i love it.