25 November 2009

Finger Food

Custom Order: Risen Ring
{Noreena Jasper, Garnet, CZ, Sterling Silver}

Gilded Snowflake Ring
{Sterling Silver, Brass}

In the Etsy shop now,
to be followed this afternoon by new earrings . . .

Off to lunch . . . there's a Bar-B-Q sandwich in the kitchen with my name all over it!
: )


  1. You get some nice snowflakes in your neck of the woods, don't you? Lovely and don't expect anything but...
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I've got sketches of snowflakes all over these days (I'm born on the winter solstice- I'm planning on making a ring for me). Think I may need to lay off everyone's wonderful blogs, I'm noticing that my sketches are starting to resemble other people's distinct styles (so not intentional but occuring nonetheless, so if I'm not leaving comments, it's just because I'm making and not looking for a while:)
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

  3. Beautiful rings. I love the detail you add to the back as well.

  4. So gorgeous! Can't wait to see the earrings.

  5. Oh the snow flake ring....you really captured the essence of a snowflake with that ring...it reminds me of a snowflake from an old fashion Christmas day....when the women all wore big full skirts with layers of petties and had muffs to keep their hand warm...it is gorgeous!

  6. The brass mixed with the silver is fab!