29 November 2009

The Great Tree Hunt

So, normally, I'm a

You know?

But nighttime tree hunting isn't really something that
Master Monkey enjoys . . .
judging by last year's loud protests,
which I'm sure are still echoing throughout parts of the world.

We hit the lot this morning instead of our traditional evening jaunt.
Coffee in hand, sans cider at this hour.

The men patrolled the yard, searching high and low for the perfect Carolina Frasier Fir.

I'll be honest.
I'm a picky tree person.
To a fault.
It has to be live.
I love the smell.
Personally I think the smell of a live Christmas tree is essential to a proper childhood.
And it can't have holes all in it.
I like my trees fat and full.
If my son remembers nothing else about me,
he will always recall that his mama was
a damn good tree picker and Christmas decorator.

My overall decorating sense is one of
Anthropologie meets Whoville.
Lots of curly, drippy, unruly and organic things.
Lots of color and texture.
Lots of glitter.

Sometimes I get downright silly over it.

(Just because I know you're thinking it, let me clarify.
Despite the way the picture appears, I do NOT have a black eye.
However, I really DO have a big mouth. Hush.)

But I digress . . .
We finally located the fattest, most fantastically fragranced tree to be found.
The remainder of the afternoon was spent in a web of lights and
a garden of glittered sprigs.
As of this moment, this is as far as I've gotten.

A big, beautifully blank branched canvas to embellish.
Really the jewelry display of the home, I think.
And an instant magic maker.

Off to make cider and silvery things.
I'll keep you posted on Fatty Frasier's progress.

Happy Sunday y'all!


  1. I want to do Christmas at your house. You make it look amazing.

  2. JJ,

    Oh, you bring back so many memories of the great tree searches of youth... sigh :) Your family looks lovely and sweet!!!


  3. your tree is now shaming my awful digressive soul. i want a pink tall tinsel tree. i am going to pay for it tomorrow after i get the kids to school. i have been wanting it for years and nearly fell down when i found one. all i truly will miss is the headiness of the smell. that really means the holidays to me. sacrificing proper smell and decorations for glitter. so i am shallow, what are you gonna do about it? i am such a weenie, you would just laugh at me. and revel in the joy of your perfect monkey laden holiday ... as you should.

    xoxoxo w.

  4. Love all the ribbony things at the top! Can't wait to see the end result :) Hoping to get mine today after I pick up The Boy from school!

  5. Wheeee! I LOVE Christmas decorating too. And the best part? Forgetting the treasure that is tucked away and then unpacking everything and finding all the great Christmas decorations you've got ;)

    We're stuck with a fake tree 'cause I refuse to remove one from the forest and the for-sale farmed trees that The Kinsmen bring up here are terrible.

  6. You weren't kidding when you said you knew how to pick a tree. It is lovely, and I think your little fellow will remember this for sure. Lovely pix! Happy Monday RR!

  7. Oh friend, I am so with you on the decorating!!! LOVE IT!