02 November 2009

Monkey Wonder

I can't draw.
I can't carve.
I do, however, consider myself proficient with a power drill.

Meet Swiss . . .
My cheesy pumpkin.
(haha, get it?)

Swiss was burning three lavender candles.
A lavender-pumpkinesque smell wafting from his swiss-cheesy holes.
(Actually, it smelled pretty good.)

And then there was Monkey.
Dressed as . . . a monkey.

We laid pretty low, didn't Trick or Treat this year.
I think when he's three, he'll "get it" and we will make it a huge event.

Instead, we passed out lots of candy to other children,
ate even more of it ourselves,
and he spent the majority of his time
ripping the solar lights out of my front flower garden.

{{Look at those feet!!}}

Monkey, don't touch.

Monkey, put that back.

Monkey, you've had enough candy.

. . . I caved.

: )
Hope you all had a sweet Halloween.


  1. Mason's the cutest monkey I've ever seen, and that pumpkin is probably the most original one yet!!! It reminds me of a child's view of the Harvest Moon! Great! Where are YOU?

    That picture of Mason pouncing on the lights and the picture of him crying (awwwwwwwwwwwwww...& I can see why you caved, I would too!) make him look like the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeetest monkey in the whole world!

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Halloween for toddlers (and their parents) is always such an epic sweep of sugar-induced highs and withdrawl lows. Whoopee!!! It's a wild night.

    Love the pumpkin!

  3. Awww just too cute for words..he's precious. Knowing you Jess that pumpkin will probably be an inspiration for your next design!

  4. gosh a-mighty. what halloween is best for.. babes and wild things.

  5. Oh my goondess, JJ - that last picture made me laugh so hard when I read the words below it: He looks so cute!! :)

  6. Aww so cute! That's the exact same costume I got for my son!

  7. So cute!! Both pumpkin and monkey!!

    When he is a little older, if it appeals to him, do a pumpkin with holes and then put plastic/rubber mice and spiders coming in and out of the holes. We did one last year (or the year before?) and my son loved it!


  8. Aaaw look at the little monkey....I love those little feet. Looks like he had fun, it's too bad he was pulling up lights instead of picking up limbs out of your yard, but he's just precious. Those eyelashes...most women would love to have his eyelashes.


  9. Cute.... : ) and love the pumpkin, so perfectly perforated.

  10. I love the swiss pumpkin!!! I am not good at carving, either...

    And your monkey is the sweetest thing!

  11. LOL seriously laughing out loud!!!!
    so cute...your little monkey is truly the cutest monkey around there lady!!!
    and good on ya with the swiss cheese pumpkin...sometimes it si better to stick with what you know!
    Happy Monday from Canada!

  12. Gotta love the power tool approach when it comes to pumpkin carving - very pretty effect. The little monkey looks adorable. Its not a party until somebody is crying (at least that's my experience with my own monkeys).

  13. hahahaha ! He is so fantastical in that outfit! & a swiss cheese lavender pumpkin, mm mmm good :) Glad you had Happy Halloween!

  14. Gosh that post got cuter and cuter with each picture. Love the holey pumpkin, love the monkey toes, and that last picture was laugh out loud, ha ha.

  15. The monkey costume is adorable! Visit me here theredtopaz.blogspot.com! I can use the extra support!

  16. ...your stories...your photos...your pumpkin...your MONKEY
    ...& your posts...are AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOUR JEWELRY...xoxo

  17. OMGoodness!!!!! That is THE best pumpkin and monkey costume I've seen (well, we don't do Halloween downunder, so I'm just loving any pumpkin with holes - especially drilled!!!)

    Welcome Miss America to the Great Candy Exchange!!! This will be SO COOL!

  18. awww! that lil boy's too cuuuute!!! that last part's funny. how can you resist when he cries like that