11 November 2009

This, That, and Another Thing

Happy Veteran's Day everyone.
Thank you to our past and present vets for your service and sacrifices.
This little life doesn't take them for granted.

* * *

Today marks three years of wedded bliss.
I love that man beyond words and am so happy we're married.
But y'all, if he doesn't hand over the cough medicine and quit hogging the couch,
we're never going to see year four.

* * *

I'm sick.
{{Can you tell?}}
Actually, we all are . . . cats included.
It will be a romantic anniversary in a bed full of kleenex wads.
And kitty sneezes.
And Monkey snot.

But somehow I still couldn't be happier.

* * *

We are drowning in the remains of some rude tropical storm.
Relentless rain and gusting winds.
I have been unable to photograph, properly, the teaser pieces I posted last night.
As soon as I have some natural light,
I'll post those for you in addition to a few others.

* * *

I feel like there was something else I wanted to say but can't remember what it was.
{{Be advised that there might be some random follow-up blog posts as my head wades in and out of clarity.}}
Therefore, dear friends, I am off to fight for my right to cough syrup.
Slurp homemade vegetable chicken soup.
Snuggle up with my misters,
and become one with my couch.

hugs & honks,
rosy nosy


  1. Sendin' you some sunshine, Happy Anniversary, and get well soon wishes from St. Louis.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both, in sickness and in health :) Get better soon so you can hire a sitter and celebrate properly! :)

  3. feel better soon sicky poo! Poo thing!

  4. Happy Anniversary, in spite of....
    And yes, I have been inflicted with the bug too...shoo shoo, I am going on week 2 and getting tired of it!
    Storms a brewing...how exciting!

    Get well soon!

  5. Happy Anniversay to you and Keith! Some wives complain their husbands aren't with them for Anniversaries...at least you can all celebrate together while sharing the Kleenex and cough medicine! GET WELL SOON !! xo

  6. awww poor things...hope you all get better real quick!
    On the brightside, Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. I hope you all get better really soon Jess!

  8. Well, feel better and happy anniversary(!!!)...but my favorite part of this post has to be "rosy nosy"...let's face it, that's classic :)


  9. Get well, take a day to celebrate, and enjoy!!!

    I love your closing and signature!!!

    So glad you can find joy right now.

  10. What a fabulous way to spend an anniversary.....in bed with your honey ;) It's just too bad you have a cold!!! Happy Anniversary!!! Cuddle up and get well......your friends and fans miss you too much!!!

  11. Happy Thirdaversary! So sorry to hear that you all are sick. I hope it passes quickly. Hugs and healing flung your way.

  12. ...HAPPY #3...achoo...& a toast to many more...shots of Robitussin for all...get better soon...

  13. Get better soon hon!
    congrates on the anniversary....may you have 3x33 more!!!

  14. I hope y'all start feeling better soon. The weather has been perfect for snuggling up & sleeping all day...if you were able to nap. Sending you some virtual chicken soup.