15 November 2009

Weekend Recaptivation

Sort of a lemon-meringue weekend around here.
Mostly meringue, I must say.
Saturday was my last day here.
Behind this desk.
In this tiny shop.

The owner, a lovely lady and dear friend of mine,
felt it was time to sell.
Move on.
Start a new chapter.

Well, I get that.
I decided it might be time to do the same.

It seems my little jewelry business might be enough to sustain me,
and though I love working in the historic downtown Varina Station,
I'm finding it hard to balance both.
And working with my hands is my first love.
There you go.

Goodbye sweet shop!
I will miss your odd smells and the sounds of the tenants upstairs stomping endlessly around.

Your flickering lights and high tin ceilings.
The old wood floors.
The back door I always had to kick open, being careful not to knock the glass panes out.

I will miss your coziness and your awkwardness and your cramped quarters.
The people you introduced me to.
But you know I'll see you often, as I stop by Nil's Bakery next door
every weekend for fresh bread and coffee.

It's been fun, and sentimental, and a great part of my life thus far.
But other things are calling . . .

My future seems a bit brighter each minute.

But it's a future not inside these walls.

Time to walk out into it.

* * * * *

So Saturday evening I came home from my last day at the shop.
Thrilled to be doing jewelry full time now,
I wrapped up a custom order before making supper.

Botswana Agate, White Topaz, Sterling Silver

And after dinner and dishes and a dose of Dr. Seuss,
Keith and I got The Monkey to bed,
and celebrated with a box of the good stuff.

Oh that's right, I said "box."
Wanna fight?

I'm a Three Thieves Bonnie kind of girl.
Not too dry. Not too sweet.
And lots of attitude.

An unwinding and letting your hair down kind of wine.

Good stuff.

* * * * *

Today was laid back.
We hit the flea market, and soaked up the last of our Indian Summer.

The Monkey has actually begun to pretend.
It's amazing seeing his imagination develop.
Already he pulls away so often.
One day he will leave me for Washington or Wall Street or Space
or some other surreal and endless possibility.
I remind myself that this is a wonderful, normal thing.
This pulling away.

Back home later,
I completed another custom order based on the Autumn Upcoming Necklace design
I had done before.

This one features a glossy slab of Crazy Lace Agate.

We got a few plants in the ground,
made an artichoke, pesto, and prosciutto pizza,
and ended the day on the front porch.

The sky was pretty as stone.

Hope you all are off to a good start to the week!


  1. Woohoo, CONGRATULATIONS on full-time! It's a big decision and a big step and I'm sure that you will find nothing but success :)

    The necklaces are gorgeous, as always. It is always so much fun to see your new work!

  2. thanks for a bit of cheer after a rainy weekend.
    as for the monkey pulling away, he will be back in a big way when he is a teen. and again later. do not fret in advance.


  3. What a nice chapter in your life though, that store...a real inspiration in everything vintage!

    Wine in a box???? My dear, I think I may just have to try it! (once I'm allowed to again, of course!)

    Geeeeeez, I LOVE your style of boots!!! This post and another one a bit back! I want those boots! LOL!

    Aww, it's amazing when the little one start to grow an imagination....but, yes, a bit sad knowing that they are pulling away.

    And lastly, lovely, beautiful work as always!!! It will be nice that you can do it full-time now! Keep it comin'!!! ;)

  4. Aw, thanks for the congratulations and the reassurance you three! Emily, I'm so glad you've stopped by and am also thrilled to have located YOUR blog. I love your work.

    Wendy, I owe you a nice long note. Will do that tomorrow!! : )

    Vita, ah yes. Nothing says white trash like boxed wine, but, i feel everything has its time and season. As for my boots, they look awesome with a certain cameo necklace I know of . . . ; ) You should grab a pair! Check out FRYE boots . . . the bestest boots in boot world.

  5. Wow! Full-time! Think of all the possibilities; how wonderful! I'm sure a bunch of new doors will open now. This is so exciting- and I'm so happy for you. The whole way you wrote this post was just so beautiful.

  6. Darling- assured succes is yours - take wing!!!
    A note on that sky: can I get you to bezel set it for me, or can I get it in slab form???? ;)

  7. Hooooooray for full-time! Bring on the MANY boxes of wine to celebrate the MANY successes and triumphs in your future!


  8. Congrats on making the leap to full time designer! Your designs are beautiful, I'm sure you are going to have much success now that you have more time to put into your business. And, these new designs are gorgeous, by the way :)

  9. It is a blessing to be able to work with your hands, hopefully you will feel a reniewed energy not having to divide your time. Good luck going full time!

    p.s. That is the fanciest box of wine I have ever seen, must find some for this year's Christmas party.

  10. Amy, Allison, Kristen, Ivy, Michelle, and Susie: Thank y'all for the support and well wishings! Feel free to throw any advice on how you organize your work time my way . . . I guess I need to develop a clear schedule now.


    Susie, let me know if I should send you a box! : )

  11. This was long overdue and well deserved Jess...congratulations! My you've come a long way in a handful of years and have blossomed into a very talented, creative and amazing designer! I love the custom Botswana Agate necklace..just gorgeous! xo

  12. Congrats on moving into full-time jewelry! That is so exciting! :)

  13. go boldy :)

    ps. box-o-wine is the real deal!


  14. i always enjoy your long full of life posts
    I know you will do just fine this next stage of full time jewelry making
    loven' those boots of your too cowgirl...and how about that wine in a box...now you're talken' my language!!!
    much love from Canada!

  15. All the best! Your intricate work is fantastic. Truly.

    And wine from a box means that if there is any wine left over, the air does not spoil it!

  16. Jess, I know you probably felt a sense of loss having to let go of that wonderful treaure, but you're starting a new chapter. A wild, wonderful chapter & you're going to be fine...even better than fine. You're going to excel, even more than you already have.

    Cool boots!! We're going to have to meet up for lunch and/or boot shopping one one day. I gotta try that boxed wine. I've never seen that one before...it's pretty.


  17. I am so happy for you that you will be creating your jewelry full time. I am certain your customers must be absolutely giddy :)