18 November 2009

Window to Chaos

A relaxed, coffee-sipping, calendar-tweaking sort of morning here.
Cloudy skies and breezy cool.

I'm in the office, getting through a bit of paperwork,
and stashing notes away from some of you lovely people.

Waiting on the acid to warm in the pot,
and the space heater to thaw out the studio.
* About to give Sir KittyPuss his medicine. *

Trying {endlessly} to get myself more organized.

{{Because I hear this helps in being more productive.}}

I've a slew of new packaging tulles, papers, ribbons and tags . . .
Jars of stones, glass, trinkets, tchotchkes.
Tins of scrap.
Rusty things.
Stuff for making and stuff just for having . . . for inspirational purposes.
For prettifying purposes.

I need more shelves.

Lots of new items in the shop tomorrow!

(That was my coffee mug toasting yours.)


  1. 'Tink' - I brought out my biggest coffee mug to start this rainy cold morning here in Missouri. Cheers to you. I cannot wait to see what you have been up to. Will be heating up my pickle this week and firing up the torch (hopefully it will all come back to me)- I just realized next week is Thanksgiving, and there are MANY gifts to be made yet. Enjoy your day.

  2. I like your mug.
    Yes, that's what they say about being organized and it is true, and I too am always striving for organization but alas...I am trapped by entropy.
    Happy Wednesday RR!

  3. Hope you have enough coffee for me...I opened the canister & I didn't have enough *sigh. I wanna see your new pretties, but it sounds like they've already been placed in their new home. I live vicariosly through other peoples purchases. I gotta do that whole organizing thing too, but I need a plan first. Have a great day!!


  4. Looks like my studio, but with a more stylized approach. Jenga. :) I bet you know exactly where everything is with your eyes closed too!


  5. i adore your mirror and would love to here its history; of course i mean its "yourstory"! i love listening to your stories; they are simply heartwarming and make me feel good, warmer than a cup o'joe.

    here's to you, 'clink'!

    have a fabulous evening, jj!!!

    wish i could be an elf on your shelf!

  6. Cheers to you to! You are definitely right that being more organized helps to be more productive. Now that I have a spot for everything the day just flies by whizzing away with work :) I {heart} your coffee cup btw!

  7. Wow, those are some beautiful and very organized shelves. I want to work where you work.

  8. What a pretty picture!! I think I recognize that notecard!!lol

    I love the photo of the shelves- I wish I had shelves like that! I have no space for anything in my current sewing room... One day...

  9. *tink* thats my wine glass toasting you coffee cup!
    see you tomorrow
    love and light