11 December 2009

. . . BANG!

It's here!!
I got this amazing ring from my friend Alice, over at IstanbulDesigns.
Could it be more perfect for me?
{The answer, obviously, is no.}

When I first decided to name my business Rosy Revolver,
I was looking for something with some edge to it.
Some juxtaposition.

Something a little dark, and certainly strong.
But delicate too.
Suggesting a vintage nature.
And empowering.

This ring is all of that.
More, even.
It is so beautifully made,
weighty and feminine.

Alice's packaging is as pretty as her pieces.
And just as unique.
Every detail has been attended to . . . just look at the band!

And on the inside, a quote from Anais Nin.
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

Thank you, friend!
It is an honor to wear.


  1. It's so cute! I saw it on Alice's blog when she posted about it.. you are a lucky gal to have it!

  2. Such a happy thing to inspire others. I take such joy in seeing your work and the work of other special Etsy artisans - seeing you achieve success is very motivating for a beginning metalsmith such as myself. That ring suites you, and the quote is wonderful. Off to check out Alice's blog now. Enjoy your day, look at your new ring and smile.

  3. Yes, Alice is wonderful, and No, it could not be more perfect for you! It is a gorgeous piece! Have a great weekend...hope the little fellow is doing better.


  4. P.S. I'm glad you're liking my playlist! I debated even putting it there...

  5. Oh, that is wonderful & perfect for you. Few people could pull that off (of put it on), but you certainly can.


  6. Thank you for dedicating a whole blog post to it! I have to say, your photographs of the ring and the packaging are impressive :) So thrilled that you like it. Wear it well, my friend. xoxo, Alice :)

  7. Oh my gosh, that is so perfect!! I am loving it! xoxo
    Happy weekend, friend!

  8. the ring is finally home!
    have a great weekend you gunslingen', petticoat wearing, boot stompen' cowgirl!!!!

  9. Ka-freaking- POW!!!!!
    You are going to have super powers now, you know this right?


  10. I'm so envious!!! It's a beauty!

  11. It's YOU --- with its varied textures -- pebbly, deep, and smooth, and its designs confrontational revolver, feminine flourish, and badge of honor for talent. Wow! Wear it with joy and in good health.