01 December 2009



I ended up running into town to see the eye doctor today.
My left eye was red and bugging me, and my vision has noticeably worsened this past year.
Turns out I had a scratched cornea and
(are you sitting down?)
an outdated prescription.

Note to self:
Trim and file nails before removing contacts.

So a few drops and a new pair later, and I'm good as new!
It's so nice to not have my nose touching my computer screen.
: )

But, alas, I was away during prime daylight hours for photographing my new work.
So I shall be sharing it with you tomorrow rather than today as I had originally planned.

On the menu:
a White Tube Agate knuckle ring
a brass, silver, and agetized coral pendant with some new chain styles
a brightly colored citrusy twist of a matinee length necklace
(you'll need your sunglasses for that last one.)

. . . and if you're nice,
maybe another thing or two.

Alright, off to whip up a batch of Monkey Bubble Soup.
. . . also known as bathtime.

With fantastically improved vision,


  1. it is always good to see the light!!! lol
    Monkey bubble Soup...hehehehe
    Can't wait to see the new goods....see you tomorrow

  2. Now you can see how BEAutiful your creations truely are...I will be checking in early

  3. ...jess...i've been reallyREALLyreally...NICE...today..really.

  4. i am gonna be holding my breath... and finding a ring sizer tomorrow. i am way overdue.

    xoxox. w.

  5. Oh can't wait to see the new pieces tomorrow! Glad your eyes are ok too!!! :)

  6. I am glad you explained what a Monkey Bubble Soup is...very creative in naming!