02 December 2009

Desaturated Collection

Mixed Metals, Muted Tones, Mellow Moods.

Softspoken Necklace
(Fossil Coral, Sterling Silver, Brass)

Winter Rose Ring
(White Tube Ochoco Agate, Sterling Silver)

Fireside Necklace
(Agetized Coral, Sterling Silver, Brass)

All in the Etsy shop this evening,
(and maybe some new amazing looooooong earrings)
after I get back from my date!
Keith is taking me to see Tran-Siberian Orchestra up in Raleigh!

A big hug and thank you to Gay over at IDreamedISaw
for featuring my Bali Hai ring in her amazing cocktail ring treasury.
Also thank you to the amazing Heather Powers of Humblebeads
for showcasing my Breaking Boxes ring.
If you get a chance, stop by and see these amazing women and their lovely blogs.

Oh, and the
is misbehaving terribly.
She'll be out to meet you once I get her whipped into submission.

: )
love to you all!


  1. Okay...so I want this firside necklace but I also want to see the sunglass required orangy one first...orange....bright...big...my thing for sure..and she sounds sassy...we should get along well....so i hope her debut is soon...enjoy you day....Delia(tattooedgirl on Etsy)

  2. Wow, these are all soooo beautiful! The stones are amazing, I love the way they contrast with the delicate filligree :)

    ps-glad you're enjoying my flickr posts!

  3. So pretty! I really want that top one!!! xoxo

  4. Every piece is stunning but I'm partial to the first one...really lovely! Have a wonderful, well deserved date night Jess!

  5. I think these are my favorite necklaces yet. oh, and I'm wearing black and white to the ball Saturday. Uh...that's a hint in case you missed it. :-)

  6. These pieces are substantial...beautiful as usual. Enjoy your date : )

  7. Oh that Soft Spoken necklace is gorgeous...would go great with my new ring...mmmm....should I mention it to him?????
    Beautiful as usual....I am never disappointed!

  8. P>S> can't wait to meet the "naughty one"...hehehe
    have a wonderful date!!! sounds lovely.......

  9. i am stunned by the beauty of your creations, jj. the fireside necklace warms my soul and the ring is so delicate it makes me feel as if i'm flying when i look at it. i've been finding that taking out the jewelry of yours i have in addition to the stuff i wear daily makes me create what i am supposed to. i thank God for you daily .

  10. Girl, you are rocking the brass: I cannot wait to see them all in the shop!! :) And, uh --- YOU could teach me a thing or two about photos!!!

  11. The depth of your work amazes me, so many layers. Cannot wait to see the orange one - love the fireside and the winter rose especially. Off to window shop, enjoy your evening.

  12. ...such a wonderful balance between stone & metal...size & delicacy...your MOMENTUM is...admirable...

  13. O-O they're stunning!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  14. You never fail to amaze me Jess. They are all just incredible. THe ring is my favorite :)