31 December 2009

Holiday Morsels Part II

Christmas Eve:

One present.
A magic ball.

* * * * *

Christmas Morning:

The whole world under the tree.

* * * * *

Hunting for Mistletoe . . .

. . . and finally finding it on a branch low enough to reach.

* * * * *

Photographing the tree tops.

Keith photographing me . . .
photographing the tree tops.

Me photographing Keith . . .
photographing me . . .
photographing the tree tops.

Enjoying the lovely wintriness of it all.

Okay, okay, I promise I'm done regaling you with family photos.

Back to the studio tomorrow and a regular schedule.
It's been so nice to slip away. . .
but I really cannot wait to get back to making.

I hope you all have a wonderful last night of 2009.
I'm being a bad wife and mom and going out to fetch chinese food instead of cooking.
We'll be here sipping Tsing Tao and munching on pork dumplings.
No doubt goofing off.

Much love to you all.
Happy New Year!!!!!



  1. oh I LOVE it when you are regaling me with your family pics!!!
    Love the "tree top" shots!
    Still in 2009 over here...3 more hours
    much love to you and your family for 2010
    Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve to the Etsy shop...I decided that I need a spring/summer ring from you..hehehe
    (have been wearing my ring with much pride!)
    love and light

  2. fun, loving, joyous, flirty, warm, entertaining, open, generous, happy... and so very much more.
    thank you .... your fan.... xoxo. w.

  3. how did you get snow & I had none!?! Jealous!

    Your sweety looks like he quite enjoyed his Christmas presents! I think I got The Boy the same ball for his stocking :)

    **HAppy NEw YEar!**

  4. A very happy, crafty, inspired, generous, wonderful new year to you and your loved ones!

  5. Looks like a winter wonderland- love to catch a glimpse of your family life. Wishing you a happy new year filled with all the best (laughter, warmth, family, and friends).

  6. Loving the family photos! :) Wish I could play in that winter wonderland! Happy New Year, J!