03 December 2009

Rosy Locks


  1. Girl, you are so unreal beautiful: you should be so thrilled to be photographed!! And the color is oh so lovely!!!

  2. HA! You are too sweet ladyfriend. I don't know about the first part, but I DO like the color. Goes with my super pale skin!!! xoxoxo

    ps- that new green ring on your blog is AMAZING. Attention all people reading this comment: Go immediately to Allison's metal shop and ogle her green ring!

    : )

  3. mmmm love it love it love....very festiv...going to ogle ring ring now...after I look at your beautiful hair again!!!
    Still wish I could have done it for you.........

  4. ps ....little man looks good enough to eat!!!!

  5. Regal looking, JJ!!! I really like the look; it is festive, and Allison is right, you are beautiful; enjoy YOUR beauty and its uniqueness! And Mason, Wow!!! He's going to be a heartbreaker some day, I think!!!! What a handsome little one he is!!! God bless both of you.


  6. Thank you Cat, Ingrid, and Lisa! It's a bit darker than it looks in the picture but my yellow lamp revved up the image a bit.

    Keith says I need to braid it into pigtails and wear tall striped stockings.

    He's not funny.

  7. Ohhhh I've been wanting to dye my hair red so badly! I just don't know what shade...

  8. Your hair looks great Jess!! You have a beautiful little man.


  9. So not pippy longstocking, love that hair! (I always want to go red, but I have curly hair, and I have visions of little orphan annie)

  10. It looks FANTASTIC Jess!! I've actually been seriously thinking of doing a similar colour lately...but am working my way to that first(had to get rid of the brassy blonde first and go back to my somewhat original brunette look)! ;)
    Good to know it looks good on super pale skin! :)
    what colour did u use? lol
    PS-your boy is a handsome little feller!!!
    xoxo gorgeous girl!

  11. I like it too...and SRL is right, you are beautiful!

  12. Oh, wow! Great color on you- you look gorgeous!
    And your boy, what a sweetheart...

    *Off to do as I'm told and check out Sunny's green ring. :)

  13. Holy mother of comments, people! Thank you for all the kind words! I'm blushing . . . yay for color on my face!

    Claire, I know . . . it took me forever to pick a color. Finally I figured I could just re-dye it if it looked like a big strawberry.

    WB- Thank you! Mason was covered in chocolate on his chest (not sure why) in this pic. He has my pale skin and 'wikes mommy's wed haiwre."

    Amy and Michelle, thank you.

    Susie, think more Debrah Messing than little orphan annie. lol!

    Thank you MLJ!

    Ponder- thank you from both me and Mason. You're gonna love that ring!!

    xoxoxo to you all!

  14. Very jealous. I've been wanting to be red for years now. Only problem is, my super blonde hair would turn pink instead. :(

  15. MME- is that bad? ; )

    You have beautiful hair as it is!!! I've never been able to pull off blonde.

  16. Ooohh lala, you are one rosy vixen!!

  17. Corinna- Girl, where have you been??? I have been missing seeing your comments on the blogs I'm normally haunting, and my own as well! Hope you are having a wonderful last month of '09. Thinking of you and love your way!! xoxo

  18. Beautiful color, beautiful face, beautiful picture, beautiful son, beautiful moment captured on film.

  19. Aw, A, thanks. I felt the same way looking at you and your little one playing in the leaves.