18 December 2009

Sugar Sky Falling Down

We had sleet today!
I slipped out into the cold early on to photograph it before it built up into an icy crust.

Mason came home from daycare . . .
yelling about sugar falling from the sky.

That coarse, crystallized sugar, I assume is what he meant.

The boy had a point.
I didn't mind a day of sugar sleet.
At least it sparkles.
Even if it doesn't taste as sweet as it appears.

It was a dismal, damp day out there.
But the wind-chimes on the front balcony strummed on,
tuned to the notes of Pachelbel's Canon in D.

And inside, all was quiet.
Just the hum of the heater,
the chimes in the background,
and the sleet on the roof.

I napped a bit with two furballs.

They looked rather cozy and comfortable,
tucked away from the weather.

Outside there was no sky, only gray.
But inside, the stars were twinkling.

And outside the boughs were melancholy, dripping with monochromatic frigidity.
But inside,
all was merry and bright.

New work up tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. beautiful pictures
    beautiful words
    beautiful woman
    have a beautiful weekend

  2. Wasn't the snow fun! The boy & I went dancing in it catching the big fatty snowflakes on our tongues :)

  3. The textures, colors, and wonder of Christmas are all here for us, JJ ... and it's only in the darkness that we can perceive the light, and in the need for softness that we know what it means to cuddle (the second picture of your kitty is priceless), and in the look of innocence and in the words of a babe that we learn, "and the children shall lead them".Amen.

    Thank you for your love.

  4. To me the most perfect day...crystals falling from the sky, two furballs singing you lullaby, the shivering chime, the warm interior...how weird that I passionately listened to the same music during the endless rainy days of TN. It does not go with where I am now! Enjoy the season!


  5. Sounds like the perfect day to me - your pictures and words always transport me. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful post...you just put a smile on my face, and Ithank you for it! "...sugar falling from the sky"...my, imagine if everything around us was coated in such beauty!

  7. STUNNING ornaments! I love how you displayed them!! xo