21 December 2009

Wrapping It Up

Well, The Monkey is sick again.
Sinus and ear infections.

The joys of a daycare setting.
My good friend says the kids walk around like the personification of a petri dish.

So he's home with me today.
Curled up by the fire.

I have two new rings and a necklace to post for you.
But I haven't had a chance to photograph them . . .
They will be up no later than tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I shipped this off today-
a custom order that had everything but the,
I think even the kitchen sink is somewhere in this one.

A big, bold, brightly hued ring for a beautiful and strong woman.

The rings and necklace going up tomorrow will be the last I post until the very end of the year.
January I'll be resuming custom orders,
and also hope to revamp by blog and personal website,
as well as stockpiling the Etsy shop
and gearing up for my first full year of full-time jewelry making.

It's going to be a good 2010.

Now if you'll excuse me . . .
there is a boy awaiting a story,
a mug of homemade minestrone,
and spot by the fire with my name on it.
Not a bad wrap to 2009 either,is it?



  1. Hope monkey feels better - I feel your pain, my kiddos bring home everything from daycare-they're fine, but I end up with pink eye and Strep throat twice a year. Minestrone and a warm fire sound just about perfect today. That is one heck of a knuckle buster of a ring! Wishing you the merriest!

    p.s. Hoping to join you selling jewelry in the new year- plann on jumping in, hope the water is fine.

  2. Nope, not a bad wrap....stay well!

  3. Oh, my dear.... so lovely lovely lovely :)


  4. oh, you are such a good mommy!!!!
    that ring is ridiculous in such an amazing way!!!! woudl love to know that woman that can pull that one off!!!!
    I hope your little man is feeling better soon...I look forward to the new year and all the exciting things it will bring to rosy Revolver and you!
    Blessings Jess
    Love and Light

  5. WOW....I am speechless........(Thanks for the compliment too)....She looks amazing! The most welcoming kitchen sink I have ever seen...Can't wait to conquer the world together.!..Sorry to hear about your lil man..Snuggles, soup, and Scooby Doo always aid a fast recovery..I am excited for 2010 as well..I KNOW it will be a great year for my family and for yours too.Enjoy the small break...and Very Merry Christmas to you and the men in your life.Cheers

  6. P.S. Hey Cat, only a Sagittarius can! Happy Birthday from 1 Sag to another!

  7. oH mY gOsH. I think I want mine to have the kitchen sink in it, too. It's like the more the merrier with your rings. LOVE it.

    I read today's post just now. Glad to hear that The Monkey's feeling better.

    (love that ring)