03 January 2010

A Bit Late but Nevertheless

I am not eternal.
Not here, anyway.
And time whips by like the landscape view from the back of a pickup.

I wanted to think about this year's resolutions.

I want them to make a difference in me.

Develop a signature to keep.

Eat well and eat often, but not more.

Stop comparing, Jess.

Write letters and send more cards.

Don't let others explain your husband or your son to you.

Think less often about the past.

Take your vitamin.

Be aware of your posture.

Plan less, prepare less, and DO more.

Take more risks, both in business and pleasure.

Be a better friend to friends.

Be a better friend to yourself.

Be more aware of the difference between truths and feelings.

Stop chewing your cuticles!

Keep your word, and do so quickly.

Realize that it's alright to say "no."

Create your heart out.



  1. Amen sister - I share some of those (no comparing myself to others- honestly, sometimes I look at what other people are accomplishing and throw my hands up in defeat before I even know what I can do). My mom onced told me the word "no" is a complete sentence and a valid answer to any question, it just not be the answer people want to hear. Wishing you the best in the new year!

  2. Lovely post, Jess--Happy New Year to you!

  3. humbling and honest.
    cuticle chewing fan club...
    no is very good to say.
    love and hugs to you and your menfolk.
    xoxo. w

  4. How I saw what you wrote:

    Blessings to you my dear friend
    Much love to you and your lovely family
    You are a blessings to those around you...don't forget...daughter of the King
    love and light
    from a friend

    ps drop by sometime this week...I am having a giveaway and would love for you to be a part...

  5. Word to Big Bird! Keep on keepin' on darling!


  6. Omg, I was chewing my cuticles to a bloody pulp while reading this and then came to that part!! I guess I should adopt this resolution, too...

    Beautiful post. :)

  7. I think these are great ideas and goals for this year. Here's to a Happy 2010 filled with lots of love and luck.

  8. Love. That was beautiful. Happy New Year, dear one.

  9. ...YOU are such a LOVELY one...indeed...

  10. Hope your holidays were great, blessings in this 2010, wishes come true, all of them.


  11. so beautiful, Jess.

    a bit off topic, but a while back you wrote a post about your son pulling away... I think it was literal, like pulling away from your hand at the pumpkin patch or something like that (I think, I think)... anyhow...

    I just wanted to let you know how deeply that touched me; it has really stuck in my mind. I think about the parallels of life, my own little-big-boy son {now sixteen}, walking his own path, pulling his hand away. making his own choices, great and small.

    wow girl! the time flies by. he was just the size of your beautiful little one, day-before-yesterday it seems. each moment is precious. that tiny hand holding yours is precious. the hand of a boy growing to become a man, holding my hand, is precious.

    what we can do, what we can give to one another, is to serve as a living example of appreciation. thank you for being that example.

    wishing you a new year filled with potentials realized, joy beyond measure, and grace.