08 January 2010

Custom Love

Laguna Agate and Songea Sapphire

* * * * *

Vintage German Cameo

And I am SO EXCITED about the pieces I'm posting tomorrow!
(But don't YOU get excited because I don't want to oversell anything.)

Auf Wiedersehen for now!


  1. They are both so exquisite! I love the way the cream bleeds out to
    purple-ish brown in layers and your attention to detail is well...I am lost for words! Breathtaking would be an appropriate one. (as this was the effect that broken heart on the back of the ring had on me...is this your new signature? Oh say it is, I love it so!)

  2. OMG that Laguna Agate piece is to die for!!! Absolutely breath taking!!!

  3. oh. my. wow.

    I want to kiss them both!

    wow wow wow

  4. wow. you are having one HELLOVA day aren't you?
    i can't wait for tomorrow so that things are normalized and i get to see what you are showing next!!!!!

    many hugs(gentle ones) and all. xow.

  5. hey i want to see a picture of the new hair!!!
    but i do love the pic of these beauties too....