28 January 2010

Despite the Quiet

Despite the quietude around here,
I've been rather busy.

It's been a week full of custom order execution.
The goal being that I could knock out a huge chunk of orders THIS week,
so that NEXT week can be devoted to playtime in the studio and restocking the shop.

It's all about balance.

Some orders from this week:

I have a lot of ideas for next week, for new designs and fresh embellishments.
I'm excited!

Still no tshirts.
It seems UPS has lost the box.
They are being reprinted today,
but should be around next week.

What else?
I'll have to introduce you to Charlie soon.
My new addition.
Perhaps next week.
She's a petite, spunky little thing.
A spitfire, so you know I love her.

Finally, according to the meteorologists,
we here in the south are due tomorrow night for a
"significant winter weather event."
I hear there could even be up to a foot of the white fluffy stuff.
Panic has set in round these parts.
Bread, milk, and water are flying off the shop shelves.
Personally I'm glad to have an excuse to stock up on scented candles.

Custom orders will resume the week AFTER next,
around February 8th.
But I need a little creative freedom time.
To explore the inner workings of my head and heart.
Find something worth making tangible.
And execute it in metal.

I'm zigzagging all over the place today.
Random post, I know.
Off to make supper.
It's a comfort food kind of night
so I sense I big creamy batch of mashed potatoes coming on . . . .




  1. Girl you know I LOVE THAT NECKLACE!!!..You are so amazing. How nice to hear that next week you may be "snowed in" even if it doesn't snow at all. Enjoy the weather and ALL the excuses/needs that comes with it. Candles, brownies, staying in your PJ's, Twilight Zone marathon.You name it. Cuddle with Mason and Charlie(the chinchilla I'm guessing?!?)..and enjoy your creative freedom time...and those mashed potatoes too!

  2. All of the custom work is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)

  3. YEA...almost 200..it seems like just the other day you were celebrating 100..congradulations!

  4. :) Thanks ladies.

    TB, Charlie ins't a chinchilla, but I shall keep you guessing for another few days!! :)

    Amy, always so good hearing from you. I hope all is well!

  5. Go stock up on milk and bread and butter! I hope it is only a minor storm : )

  6. Those mashed potatoes sure sound good! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I'd love some.

    I'm so glad you are letting your inner artist play!!! I really celebrate your inner artist's ranging across the zodiac of your imagination. It's such a pleasure to partake of. I often think your "Variations on a Theme by JJ" in jewelry are similar to those variations Paganini composed for the violin. And those are outstanding. And I think you are too!

  7. Comfort food sounds good -I am lounging on the couch waiting the hubby to bring home chinese food. We're supposed to see some snow tomorrow too- I'm hoping we do, we haven't really had any yet this winter.

    Especially like the top necklace and the sugar skull necklace. We're finishing up my studio this week, I'm itching to see what I can do in there.

    Can't wait to meet Charlie (new assistant?), can't wait to get a RosyRevolver T-shirt. Take care.

  8. I love the one with the bird. I'm a southern girl too but no snow round these parts!

  9. Your work is amazing and the stones are very unique. I haven't seen a piece yet that I don't like.

  10. girrrrrrrl, you got the goods :) xols, deary!

  11. You are the busiest bee I know :)
    What a load of beautiful jewelry - wow!!!


  12. Your designs are divine. Enjoy your potatos, candles, creativity, and snow. I sounds like good times.

  13. last night we had a turn of weather from mild to bitter winter. i love when the part of winter that you can enjoy is the snow,,, the comfort foods... and the company of dear ones.
    of course our car won't start since it is frigid out and there are 3 pacing teenagers here. school is on hold until a cup of tea is had. as you said, it is all about balance.

    ps. the holy trinity here is milk, white bread and toilet paper. none are found if there is a whiff of a storm in the making.

  14. I love these designs.... Gorgeous work!

    We're expecting that same "winter weather event" in Tennessee. I'm going to use that time for the studio. I like working all warm and cozy inside and glancing over through the windows where everything is a soft and hazy winter wonderland~

  15. a big storm is a delicious excuse to keep you cuddled up inside with loads of hot chocolate and creative orchestration. woot!