15 January 2010

Do YOU Ever Feel This Way?


  1. All the time! In fact, yesterday I had to allow myself a quick moody blog post as well. Feels good to air a bit of your abstracted dirty laundry, doesn't it?

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Here's to better days all 'round.

  3. Of course! I think we all do.

    ((hugs)) to you - and strength, and grace, and peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. ...yes...most definitely...BUT...NOT if I were that shade of...RED!!!

  5. ...yes...and as Nancy put it so accurately, Not in that shade of BonFire!

  6. Most days actually! But not as much when my hair is bold & strong color ;)

  7. oh..... YES ma'am

    up side: you're looking lovely... a great mama... a gifted artist... be patient with your self!

    and maybe drink a cup of tea {with milk + honey}

    and use the vulnerabilities to fuel your work. just my two cents!


  8. you know it sister.
    wah wah wah.

  9. Every day.... we all do.


  10. Ohhhh yes....especially lately.
    These pregnancy hormones are super duper.

  11. fra-gil-eee...it must be italian.

    listen sister, you are much tougher than you think. we all have those days, just ride it out...and, before you know, you're unbreakable again.

    xols :)

  12. oh, we so all have those days. They pass. But, during the experience, remember to
    b r e a t h e.

    And let the hubs know he needs to treat you extra special.

    And enjoy a bit o'wine and dark chocolate.

  13. O how many times I have walked hand in hand with little Miss Fragile...but then I realized I am much better off when I take her hands and remind her to run, leap, laugh, and shine. Take a moment and breath...and then do as Mr Ali:
    "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"!

  14. sigh. just like an egg sometimes, that with just one little crack it will all come spilling out.

    but the thing about eggs is that when you squeeze them, they are always stronger than you think.

    i think you know.

  15. Yes, usually when I overextend myself, go beyond my boundaries; allow yourself to feel this way. Take a day of R & R; there is only ONE of YOU, so take good care of HER please.
    The only word of caution I have is to be careful what you say to anyone when you feel fragile. I usually zip my mouth for the day and just tell the ones around me, I am fragile and it's better for me not to speak because I don't want to take my state of mind out on anyone (until tomorrow of course).



  16. simply put....yes
    but as seen here, we are not alone...it is part of being a woman and that is ok with me...it means I am feeling
    love and light

  17. yes indeedy! too much so these past few years but i'm remembering that i'm a ball of fire that cannot be screwed with either. now i'm a pleasant combo of both.