13 January 2010

Hairy Situations

We finally got the Monkey his first "real" haircut . . .
as in, I didn't do it myself.

He sat on my lap the whole time.
It only took three lollipops and four rounds of singing.

Oh, and the bonfire burning in the foreground?
That would be me.

THAT's the new hair color.
And yes, it's really that bright.



  1. You both look great...3 lollipops...lucky Monkey..next...a good brushing of the teeth.

  2. How adorable is that lollipop imbibing kiddo! :-) And your hair is FAB. Once you go red, you never go back. Just so ya know.

  3. I love your new hair colour sooooooooo much! I decided to gradually return to red myself (being a natural redhead) but it keeps washing out from years of dying it blonde...

    Just look at that little treasure of yours, he sure is enjoying all the attention he is getting, while at the same time appears to be quite the sceptic about his new style of hair...Oh how I love the seriousness in the faces of the little ones...
    So glad to see you are both doing great, especially after all you went through recently!
    And I just have to ask...what did you sing to him?

    Biggest of hugs

  4. Tat, the swooshy heart on the back of the rings? Thanks! Swooshy heart. I like the terminology.

    SA, is that a fact? I thought I felt better since going this red, and it seems the redder I get, the better I get! Good to know it's not all in my head (it's ON my head . . .)


  5. TLF, "Sweetly Sings the Donkey!" ;)

    I LOVE the new painting. You probably read that on your blog already, but I was just gushing about it Keith.

    Hugs right back at you.

  6. your new hair color is AWESOME!!!!!

  7. Oh, he is such a dapper little man...and your hair is AWESOME...

  8. my professional opinion is YES YES YES to that colour...sassy hot and all woman!!!!
    yup I think it works...

    oh and little Monkey...he did good
    as long as they don't cry...I don't like it when they cry : (

  9. yesterday my teens and tween were asking about their first words... first steps... any baby story....
    the end of that was i had nothing to share that they liked. i am a wooly headed old bat. however monkeyboy will have it all.
    kudos to you, gorgeously flaming good mama.


  10. Thanks Di, Ponder, and Cat! I keep startling myself a bit when I look in the mirror.

    Cat, he really didn't cry! He didn't like all the hair that kept falling on his lollipops though. ;)

    Wendy, I have a feeling there will be plenty of stories I'll be able to tell Mason about his baby/childhood that he won't like! HA!

  11. Awww.. so cute! Will have to note that lollipop and singing trick for the future.

    ps. love your hair colour!! foxy!