08 January 2010

Note to Self:

Next time, try to keep your hair out of the torch flame.
It will save you four inches and seven hours.



  1. Oh no! I hope you are ok and that all skin/most of hair is still intact. It is easy to forget sometimes that the thing 5 inches from your face it a big, hot, FIRE! Living dangerously :)

  2. uggh.... burning hair smell. just think how much worse it coulda been if you used hairspray... that makes for a quick flame!

    rubberband, sister. one of the best tools on the bench.

    no drapey, butterfly sleeves either, ok?

    I'm guessing you are ok, or would not be writing this post. and I bet you look sassy with short hair :)

  3. Thank God you did not burn your skin! And one thing you are NOT is dumb!! You are just HUMAN; we ALL make MISTAKES!!! Be gentle with yourself, please.


  4. guilt. reigns. supreme. by association. and pieces.
    i hope you are ok? it all can happen in a flash! promise me that you wear eye protection too?

    {i once called the fire dept. cause i could not get a fire in my oven out. butter is pretty electrifying as a wake up call too. those fire fighters did not mess around. fire is really scary. understatement.}

  5. Oooooh No! I hope you are ok!

  6. Oh my gosh! That must have been scary!

  7. Hey, at least it didn't get caught in a belt sander, right? Or that thing with the polishing wheels?

    Also, we demandz pics of sassy 'do.

    Glad you're okay!

  8. HA! Thanks everyone. I'm fine. Didn't mean to worry you!

    Had my hair twisted up in a chopstick and both hands on my work (one with the torch, the other with tweezers) so I had no way to grab it when it suddenly fell down. Right into the flame . . .

    Just a bit of smoke and a terrible smell, a crackling noise, and several inches fizzled. You're right, SD, thank goodness I don't wear hairspray!

    So, I got a cut and layers and fixed the color where the flame left me a bit charred. Now I'm an even brighter red . . .

    The new color, conveniently, is called Bonfire.

    Bonfire, because they don't make an "Oxy-Acetylene Torch Flame" color.

    I needed a change anyway.


  9. Oh no! Hope you are now singe free.

    First night at my metalsmithing class I set a roll of paper towels on fire...yes, fire hot.

  10. rosy revolver, hotter than ever! :)


  11. OH no! Can't wait to see pics of the new do though. VERY glad you are ok.


  12. Ahhh noo! that's my biggest fear! I'm more hair than person and I always escape the flame..


  13. !!!!!
    I guess you could say you took HOT to the next level!!!!

    ps you still haven't entered my giveaway!
    Get your burnt hair butt over here!!!

  14. Oh, Girl.....WHew! It's pretty scary sometimes, fire... I, too demand to see a picture of you with your new 'do. Hugs and shoulder pats :)


  15. Ha! No! All's well that ends with "Bonfire" I say... and I'm with SRL, let's see that new mane!

    I think if I was a silversmith, I'd have to give into the pixie cut just to save me from the flames (I can NOT even tell you how many times I've left the studios and caught glimpse of myself hours later only to see a bright streak of yellow paint on the crown of my head. I'm classy to the bone.).

  16. I am glad all is well Jess. I bet your hair looks beautiful :)