09 January 2010

Thanks and New Ones

First off and very quickly,
thank you so much to everyone who sent me a convo, email,
wrote on my facebook wall and even called
regarding the car accident Mason and I were in yesterday evening.
It meant more than you know.

It's amazing how fast things can change.
You're driving along and the whole world flip-flops in a moment.
We are both taking it easy today but are just fine.
He is supposed to be napping right now,
but I can hear him through the ceiling singing in his crib.
It never sounded so good.

I'm trying to be mature and just be grateful we are alright,
instead of being angry at the woman who never hit her breaks.
She had children in the car too.
Maternal empathy meets maternal rage.
A strange battle in my head and heart.
So the plan had been to list 6 rings for you today.
After yesterday's drama,
I just haven't finished things up like I had hoped.
My apologies.

Still, I do have two ready to go,
and will put them in the shop tonight.

Hugs to you all,
thanks again,
and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Be safe!!

Evergreen Ring
{Green Imperial Jasper, Sterling Silver}

* * * * *

All That Glitters Ring
{Fuchsia Druzy, Sterling Silver}


  1. wow Jess, sorry to hear about your accident.
    i am thankful that you are both ok.
    It is true life can change in a moment
    Love to you and little Mason!!

    ps great rings!

  2. ...LIFE is good...GLAD you both are WELL...

  3. Oh, honey, that's awful. I'm so glad y'all are alright. I like that instead of putting negativity into the world, you go ahead and show us something pretty. Somewhere, someone's giving you major points for that.

    Love the druzy!

  4. woah! glad you're both O.K!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you are both safe-how nerve-wracking! Glad you're taking it easy today...

    {gorgeous rings, as always--that druzy is a doozy}


  6. oh darling.... glad you and the little one are ok!

  7. Oh my god I am so sorry, but far more happy that you and your little angel are both fine...All my love to both of you!

  8. glad you both are A-OK! Just love your rings - I'm amazed how prolific you are... and so envious of all the beautiful stones you find!

  9. i am so glad you the baby are ok. accidents stink.
    cuddle and rest ..... xow.

  10. Wow...some crazy events have happened in the last couple of days....I am so sorry and so HAPPY that you and Monkey are ok. Rest up and hold your men tight...and Monday..YES Monday...you will start to have a perfect 2010.

  11. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear of the accident...and SO glad to hear you are both alright.

    As always, lovely rings!!


  12. Oh my gosh!! I didn't know! How awful, but how wonderful you two are ok!!! How scary that must have been.... thank goodness you are ok!

  13. what a time to stumble across your blog... glad you are okay! and WOW i WANT that all that glitters ring. and we have the same bday :) (i saw it on etsy)

  14. I second (and eighth, and fourteenth) all the above: I'm so sorry it happened, grateful you are both safe, and buoyed by the love that I can hear in your voice all the way over here.

    Take it easy today.

    The rest will come, but you Miss, are easily the best part so take care of yourself.

    In the meantime I'll just be here swooning over that landscape of druzy!

  15. So glad you both are ok!

    *Singing monkeys are thee best :)*

  16. I had no idea! What a relief that you are both alright. Hugs to you. (Love the new rings, too).

  17. So glad you and the wee one are safe.

  18. Oh dear.. that is crazy news! Glad to hear that you are both ok and doing well. Lot's of hugs.

  19. Hope you and the monkey are well.