29 January 2010

Well Look Who Showed Up

They finally came around.

I wasn't lying!

I must confess that for all the fancy jewelry,
I'm a tshirt kind of girl.
I like my man best in a white cotton tee and well-fitting jeans.
And I like myself in the same.

These are a slate gray 100% organic cotton.
(They may look a little warmer or darker in the photos than they actually are.)
Pre-shrunk and double-stitched at the seams.
Well made.
With a vintage style logo both front and back,
designed my moi.

They are a lady's relaxed cut meaning they fit loosely but still have a shape about them,
unlike a fella's shirt.
They won't brush against your kneecaps nor will they play peek-a-boo with your bellybutton.

I will get a photo of myself wearing one as soon as I've washed it.
That should give you a better idea of the fit.
They come in sizes s-xl.

My website is printed on the back.
(Boy, THIS will get me to finally update that thing.)
It's a vague design in that it doesn't scream an advertisement for jewelry.
It's meant to be a gritty-meets-girly kind of look-
worn, weathered, and wonderfully broken in.

I hope it makes you feel like you can do anything.
Because you can.

You just have to be comfortable in your own skin first.
Or your favorite tshirt.


  1. I dig the tee's and I like the new "ticket" option on the home page...always so creative.

  2. She's everything....and with the blue jeans a little tight around the butt....Rocking the logo tee( not the beer gut).

  3. Very cool! Do you do your own design work oh girl of many talents!?! Loving the new look over here!

  4. very cool. I love a good tea shirt and pair of jeans too. loving that design!!

  5. I love the shirt and YAY, I'm gettin one!!

  6. how do i purchase one?! love it!

  7. oh yeah...they are hot!!!

  8. um. i love you guys. thanks for the kind words. I really don't take them for granted.

  9. I can think of nothing better than to wear one of these in the Sunshine................

  10. Those are great! I'd proudly walk around town showing off that shirt.