05 February 2010

Birthday Festoons

Hello hello!!
First off, I know I haven't properly introduced you two yet,
but I have a new assistant:

She's British.
She talks funny.
Her english accent and my southern accent mingle and
The Monkey is now talking in strange dialects.

She won't let me photograph her today to show her off . . .
She says her hair isn't properly "boofy."
Tuesday when she's here again, she promises to come ready and boof-ified.

Today is her birthday.
We celebrated with a tiny cake and some coffee.
(A fancily customized cake . . . with her name scrawled in the icing.)

In other news . . .
I only have two pieces completed for you.
In all honesty, I didn't feel much up to making this week.
Although I began some others last night that I am VERY excited about.
They will be posted Monday.

The first is this ring,
a slightly different take on an old favorite of mine.
Brass. Sterling. Leaves and beading work.
A Wintry Blossom.

Then there's this . . . thing.
A Sugar Skull necklace.
Silhouetted and more delicate in her hollowed state.
A metaphor???

Actually, a bit of a mistake made into a deliberate design.

Sterling and Brass.
(The pictures don't show it well . . . but the filigree in the hair is brass,
as are a few of the spheres along her hairline.)

A signature button style clasp, hallmark tag, and
branding button provide proof that this is a real Rosy.

Two delicate heart halves dangle down . . .
a bit of fringe.
It's all in the details.

And I am absolutely stunned at the tshirt response.
Five are en route right now . . .
That's over a fifth of what I had ordered!
Thank you all so much again for the support.

Off to finish my other pieces.
Everyone wish Charlie a Happy Birthday!
And have a lovely weekend.



  1. Happy Birthday Charlie!! Can't wait to meet you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.

    JJ...what a cool mistake...diggin the heart(s)

    And you can always tell a Rosy piece even without a branding button..the quality, weight, beauty,uniquness,and a piece of your soul that radiates from the piece straight into your own...That's a DEAD giveaway :)

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie...Want to see what Boofy means!

    The pendant is so unique. Love it.

  3. Happy birthday Charlie! :)

    JJ - love the ring and the pendant ended up being pretty great for starting out as a mistake! Can't wait to receive the t-shirt! :)

  4. I wish I could make such lovely mistakes, and the cake is delicious looking. Thank you Charlie! Have a great one!


  5. Happy birthday Charlie!

    Great to see you back Miss Rosie - Love the new pieces :)

  6. Happy birthday Charlie! Now monkey can be bilingual and speak Southern and British. Continue to dig those skulls. Have a good one.

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!! Whoooo!!!!

    Great new pieces. Mistakes??? Hmmmmm, I've done that before & the results NEVER came out like that...nuh uh.

    Hope y'all have dug out properly from last weekend & maybe not too much tomorrow.



  8. "Her english accent and my southern accent mingle and
    The Monkey is now talking in strange dialects."....I laughed about 4 minutes...thank you for that image..

    Now to the most important issue on that necklace's gorgeousness and perfection in every way: I just love it, love the absence of the actual skull, somehow it is even more present that way ( my, am I even making sense?), and the detailing is, as always, stunning...

  9. Love, love, love. Your well of ideas is so deep, there seems to be a never-ending supply of them.

    Happy Birthday Charlie xoxo

    I'm off you purchase myself a Rosy t-shirt. Should I buy a pre or post weight-watchers size? am I feeling optimistic? dunno?

  10. Happy Birthday Charlie,can't wait to meet you!!!
    Love that The Monkey is creating a "new" accent..lol
    these pieces are so cool...saving up for my summer ring!!!...I really love this new ring
    Have a wonderful weekend JJ

  11. Skulls can be girlie, lovely work