06 February 2010

Home in The Snow

This is our family farm in Virginia.
My grandfather named it Bonnywood.
I grew up here.

This video was shot by my aunt this past weekend during the snow storm . . .
The place becomes a wonderland in winter.


. . . Home.


  1. Ooooh this is too much for my poor heart! Only the other day we were talking with my boyfriend about someday owning a place like this...But to see it stretched before my eyes so vividly, in all of its sugary frosted-coated glory...Thank you so much for reinforcing my image of such a dream...

  2. what a gorgeous bit of enchantment.

  3. Nice and lovely music! Who is singing?

  4. WOW...enchanting
    i thank you for this as we have had no snow here this winter and I have missed it so....
    I grew up in Northern Canada and though i have been away for many years I still miss those long snowy winters...this reminds me of home...the home of my child hood...*sigh*