09 February 2010

Introducing Me

I thought it was time to introduce myself!
Some of you thought I was the new chinchilla-
I (think) I am a little less furry than that...

I am Charlie, Jess's new right-hand (left-handed) man (woman),
also known as Assistante Extraordinaire.

I will be helping the Master at work,
as well as teaching her some of the important things in life
such as what 'Tickedy Boo' and 'Kerfuffle' mean.

A wee bit about me: I am originally from the UK, done a bit of globe-trotting
and finally moved, in December, to sunny (ha!) Raleigh .

I also work as a therapist for kids with autism.
This plus That = Balance.

Look forward to meeting you all!



p.s photo shoots really, truly aren't my thing.


  1. Nice to meet you Charlie...you have a lovely smile!

  2. Hi Charlie,
    You photograph beautifully, and if you work with children who have autism, I know one thing for sure -- you must have a very large, open and beautiful heart. It takes a lot of love and patience to work with these children. They are wonderful kids though, but very few know that and even fewer understand them.

    So pleased to know a little about you, and I am so happy JJ has an assistant like you.

  3. Welcome Chalie...your not furry at all....

  4. Pleased to meet you, Charlie. I love your name.

  5. Pleased to meet you Charlie. You already have a special place in my heart as I have several very close friends and family members who have children with autism. Can't wait to see shennanigans you and JJ stir up.

  6. Hello there Charlie
    thanks for revealing yourself to us....nice to know that JJ has got herself a cheeky side kick to keep her....mmmm...in "line" shall we say
    look forward to seeing The Adventures of Rosy Revolver and her side kick Char!

  7. So nice to meet you (and I'm so jealous you get to spend time with Jess in person! I feel lucky enough just to be a blog friend). :)


  8. Hello Charlie and hi Jess.

    I received my pendant yesterday. OMG it is so much more in person. I have to tell you that I was drawn to it the moment I saw it. I know I willed it to come to me! It is perfect and is truely "me". Thank you for the t-shirt too.
    Regards, Carol

  9. welcome to the fan club ms. charlie! you look like you fit right in. thank you too for all that you do.
    i can't wait to see what more will come from the studio now with jess and you helping.

  10. welcome aboard, charlie! sounds like you and Jess are going to have a great time working together! can't wait to hear all about it. :)

    ps. HI JESS!


  11. Nice to meet you, Charlie!!!! :)


  12. Hello Charlie! Lovely to meet you! And those two last photos prove that photo shoots might, after all, really, truly, be your thing!

  13. Hello all! Thanks for all your warm and welcoming messages... I look forward to many happy days ahead....!


  14. ...EVERYBODY's gorgeous at your place...!!!