18 February 2010

A Name

Because it's happy.
And upbeat.

Because we live out in the sticks where everyone plays a stringed something-or-other.

Because he's a mix of small and large breeds,
the sweetness of a ukulele and the soul of a guitar.

Because The Monkey can say it
(or yell it at the top of his lungs.)

And because he uses his hind leg to constantly kick at the itch on his neck . . .
as if he were playing the


I loved reading all your suggestions and stories.
Thank you for sharing!!!

* * * * * *

As for the business end of things . . .
shop update tomorrow.
And probably once more this weekend.



  1. Banjo is perfect!!! He looks like one, too...

  2. What a great name!!!!!! I love it and I love the Banjo too ;) and... your new little dog, how cute!

  3. Perfect..I almost suggested BIN....Go...good call

  4. perfect!
    he is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  5. cute name for a cute friend. funny how a name just comes to you.

    When my daughter was 3 we got a sheltie collie/mutt mix. He was black with a ring around his neck. The next day we went to the county fair. My daughter was super impressed by the mother pig and her babies.

    When we got home, our new fur friend had a name...Porky. Perfect.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the pup.

  6. Oh my, lol. That is beyond perfect. I love it. I love HIM. He's sooooo cute :)

  7. So fitting (the name). And so jealous (the me).