24 February 2010

Ruff Week

I'm here.
Been a bit busy with the pup.
{Housebreaking, you know.}

He's a joy.
And a mess.

The Monkey alternates between calling him Banjo and JoeJoe.
And the cats will hate me forever.

Keith, however . . .
He's taken on a new lover.

Life is going well,
albeit busier than ever.
When The Monkey wakes crying in the middle of the night,
it wakes the pup.
When the pup wakes and cries, he wakes The Monkey.
It goes from silence and darkness to total chaos in about 10 seconds.

So we're a little sleepy.

I've been totally delinquent in my blogging,
and am a bit quiet this week in regard to listing new items.

Instead, I'm trying to hammer out some custom orders
and teach this furface how to, er, hold it.

If you need me, I'll be around.
On my hands and knees.
With Lysol and my third roll of paper towels.

(Totally worth it, though!)

Hope you are all well!


  1. So worth it..puppy piddle and all...I am glad everyone is falling in love all over again...The picture is so sweet...Much Bliss Coming Your Way..Delia

  2. P.S.....ain't puppy breath the best?

  3. Awww, that face is to die for. He must love you guys so much :)

  4. no worries sister...all ways here

    love the pic!

  5. puppy breath..worth all the trouble! : )

  6. How fun! Don't you just love puppies! and Kids and their puppies. And big guys that love puppies.

  7. i am so happy for all of you. i love puppies. almost more than babies. almost.
    puppies grow up to be dogs and my babies grew up to be teenagers with opinions.
    good luck sweetie! xow.

  8. Puppies are a lot of work...but, so fun and funny! I love how puppies still need to puppy-pile with their humans while taking a nap...so sweet.

  9. That photo is just priceless.
    Hey I am eagerly awaiting the slowing down of life so as to witness more of your newest creations. :)