04 February 2010

Wherein I Come Back

I'm here.

I just needed to breathe for a few days.
I've got my grin again and a rosy glow.

Shirts are finally in the shop.

New work up tomorrow.

Thank you all for everything.
I am sorry if I let you down.



  1. let down? try inspired and proud.

  2. wha wha what???

    I don't see how you could be a let-down, sister.

    glad your grin has returned! that in itself is an inspiration.

  3. Missed you! I now see that {that} post has gone, and I think it's for the best. Do not. Ever. Let. Anyone. Get. You. Down. You are a beautiful person. And there are very few things that can stand in the glow of a rosy revolver. You will always cast your shadow on them, and not the other way around. Remember that. I am sending a warm hug your ( and your sweet monkey's ) way!

  4. what are you talking about let down???!!!!
    you silly lovely creature you!
    everyone is entitled to a timeout or two...even you darling...I am excited about these shirts of yours...must go and see
    but first, please tell me you received my card, if you did you need to tattoo it to your body and remember you are a star!!!

  5. Everthing you do brings nothing but jubilation and delight to me. Everything from your blogs, your scrumptious recipes, the tid bits of JJ, the warmth of the items description, to all the inspiration you have shot my way and the vibrant yet earthy photos(shout out to your man)that you post. YOU have made me feel empowered, reassured, and comfort....and a little crazed(haha...it's like a shark tank out there in the purchasing world of RosyRevolver). I am glad to hear there is sunshine on your shoulder once again. Never let anyone take that away. You are amazing....and I can't wait to see what tomarrow brings...SHINE ON WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No let downs here - your work,pictures, and words are inspiring. You are running a business to support your family, and you need to guard it and keep it safe, especially since your business is born in your heart and soul and springs out your finger tips. It is a very personal thing. Tattooedblogger said it well, shine on.

  7. So glad you're back, with a smile on your face to boot.

    And hey there sister, you have *nothing* to apologize about. Look how much everyone loves you! You have not let me down. No way. Go back and look at last Sunday's quote on the calendar: "I wasn't born to be a fighter. The causes I have fought for have invariably been causes that should have been gained by a delicate suggestion. Since they never were, I made myself into a fighter" ~Margaret Anderson.

    You are a beacon of light. Like Tattooedblogger and Susie said: Shine On!!

  8. Alice- I passed that quote along to my parents when I was explaining to them why I was in battle. :) I love those words.

    Everyone else- thank you. I try to be classy most of the time but admit I tend to forget my manners when the emotions get stirred up. Still, some things are worth getting riled up about. I'm trying to find the balance between compromising and sticking to my guns.

    (Pun totally intended.)

  9. O.O Amazing T-shirts!!!! Happy day! ;-D

  10. silly girl!! we eagerly await! I think this is a marketing ploy anyway ~lol~ you always long for what you can't have!!

    Have a great day. Relaaaax!!

  11. I love the shirts and am glad you're back from your breather. :)

  12. Jess: you are talented, fiesty, brilliant and awesomely kind! And you shine brighter than most! So as many have said: keep shinin' on! :)

    LOVE those t-shirts!!!

  13. I just recently found your blog and I think it and your blog are wonderful. Don't let anyone rain on your parade - it's yours and yours alone. Glad you are back smiling. Warm thoughts your way.

  14. Typing skills need to be improved!! I meant to say I think the blog and your work are wonderful.