30 March 2010

The Breeze and the Bucklers

We had a lovely weekend away.
Funny how two hours down the highway can seem like a different world.
There I found an old boyfriend of mine that I had somehow forgotten when I married him.
And lots of laughter.

AND I found the strangest windchime.
Huge and not altogether beautiful, but haunting to hear when the breeze picked up.

I didn't take as many pictures of the trip as I should have.
But I found myself enjoying it too much to bother documenting every moment,
if that makes sense.

Still, these are a few of the glimpses I caught through the lens.

(You ever feel like her?)

And home we are now!
I just feel happy.

Just . . . happy.
Not necessarily weightless or carefree.
But really. Truly. Happy.

I was on a building kick yesterday, riding out the waves of weekend inspiration.
I listed two custom orders in the shop today.
Several more to follow between this evening and tomorrow.

And also a few free-for-all rings.
Buckler Rings.
Big. Bold. Built to pack a pretty punch.
In juicy colors.

Allow me to introduce you.

Buckler Ring
{Sterling Silver, Opalized Wood}

* * * * *

Buckler Ring
{Sterling Silver, Lucky Strike Agate with Druzy Pockets}

* * * * *

Buckler Ring
{Sterling Silver, Blue Mountain Jasper}

In the Etsy shop today.
More items following tonight or tomorrow.
(I've been busy.)

Wishing you all well.
Hugs from here.

(and I am)


  1. Your photos are incredible as with your work!! And, as for feeling like the lady in the photo... yes there are times I feel like her ;)!! XO

  2. I love seeing your pictures!!!

  3. Bahahaha! Boy do I ever feel like her LOTS lately! Add some back fat to that big ol' butt and I'm looking feirce! LOL

    Lovely, lovely pictures Jess! Glad you had such a nice trip with your hubby. It's always nice to get time away with eachother and rediscover one another :)

    And AYE-KAIYAI !!! THOSE rings are beauteous!!!! When you updating the shop? Am feeling like I'm in a serious shopping mood! More like a de-stressing shopping mood, I guess, hehe ;)

  4. oh my ...I am so embarrassed, that picture is...of...well...it is of ME!!!!!
    The Shame!!!
    "Fat bottom girls you make the rocken' world go round!!!"
    so we are good for something....
    love the pics
    glad you had a good time
    the rings are amazing...as usual!
    Hope you received me email
    sending love and light

  5. Glad to hear you had a great time....and that are so happy...that makes me happy..lovin the key-fence thing a ma jigy...and those rings..WOW

  6. So glad you got away: hope it filled every well that had run dry!!


  7. I escaped this weekend too! Your photos are beautimus! Love the wind chimes :)

  8. I like the keys...and a lot more! Glad you had a great time with your old boyfriend! : )

  9. So glad you had a great trip away with your beloved. A well deserved, and long overdue break. Hugs :)

  10. LOL cat, I hear ya, honey!!!

    Great photos, JJ. You capture things that most people would just walk without noticing the beauty.

    Love your new rings!!