18 March 2010

Slowly They Come

. . . these signs of life around the property.

Spring is indeed springing,
and I missed the color.

I have two climbing blazes to plant today
and the garden needs tilling.
We'll be putting pole beans and pink honeysuckle along the fence line.

I grew up with honeysuckle behind my childhood home
and feel all children should know how to properly pluck and suck the blossoms dry.

I love Carolina.
Seeing the seasons come and go.
They take their time without lingering.
Careful not to overstay their welcome.

They shake off the winter, these green friends of mine.
Are drawn out by the sun.
They move slowly and surely towards the robust promise of a bright summer.

Me too.


  1. I can't wait for spring ~ we have signs in the UK which are late this year but the daffodils smell fabulous ~ wonder if it is because they are late. Roll on lighter evenings ~ its what I love the most ;)

  2. I agree . . . I love the longer days and the long shadows that come with!

  3. How come I have to try three or more times to post a comment on my own blog? Hmmm? Anyone? :)

  4. I just posted and it's not here?/

  5. So I said.......when I saw the first picture I closed my eyes and took a deep breathe, made a wish and then blew all the fuzzies of the stem...my children only know these as "Wishes".... I love when you inhale too deep and suck all the ticklies up your nose..hehe.. Have a great day in the garden..Delia

  6. Your photography is amazing my dear! I just noticed little flowers growing up in my front yard {squeal} I have no clue what they are. Must take some pics!

    ~Helllloooo Spring~

  7. Whoa, wait, you can actually suck the blossoms??


    I think my City Girl roots are showing.

  8. ah pink honeysuckle! I have wanted a plant for years and there seems to be none to be had around here. (we have the orange ones..pretty but I LOVE the soft pink with the yellow and white tubes)

    I look forward to seeing pictures of yours in bloom.

  9. Francy- check out Burgess plant catalogue. They have them and at a great price, I think. You can order them through the mail. :)

    JB- HA! It's okay, it's not like there's a TON of nectar in there by any means. Just a taste, but I always thought it was a neat thing to do.

    Love to you all!!

  10. mmmm love this...
    it is a peaceful time
    nice to see you again
    in this sort of way
    so many things going on for you
    good for you
    for taking the time
    much love and light
    : )

  11. ...it's really happening...the days ARE longer, brighter, warmer & lovelier... YAY i say!

  12. Nancy and Cat, so good to see you!!!