25 April 2010

Don't Read Into It

. . . I just love the song.

Oh, okay.
You can read into it a little . . .



  1. :-D
    Think I'll go to bed humming this one tonight!

  2. Love the Dixie Chicks, love this song. Take care, do what ya do, you know we all eat it up with a spoon and accept no substitutes :)

  3. Yep, love that song too, for many reasons. I was totally PO at the world of Country Music and what they did to the DC. Its hard for me to listen to a country station now. I see they are touring again.....as a lead in act. How sick is THAT!!

  4. Carol- yeah, I felt/feel the same way though I didn't know they were touring. I thought they were splitting up. But I love the song . . .

  5. I've always thought this was their best song. Thanks for sharing it, I hadn't heard it in a long time!

  6. They rock it. Love that whole album, must go pull it out and listen!