02 April 2010

Friday Night Random Thoughts

Anyone else out there have a dog whose feet smell like popcorn?

The new orange peep candies are really good.
(Thanks for the tip, lovely Kerin Rose.)

Why do I put my ketchup on my hotdog parallel to the dog and bun,
but put the mustard on in perpendicular zig-zags?
(I swear it doesn't taste as good when you put the condiments on differently.)

I really love that new Auqafresh Iso-Active toothpaste.

I will watch "Under the Tuscan Sun" every time I feel a change taking place in my life.

I will always feel small next to all the other metalsmiths and artists I admire.

Moby's music makes me cry.

Les Miserables . . . the best.

I don't know when I started to get allergies like I have now, but tonight . . . my nose feels like a softball.
(sniff. honk.)

I used to think that beer "on tap" meant "free refills."

I'm terrified of clowns and mascots.

I have a strange obsession for weathervanes, wind-chimes, and all things turquoise.

I am the daughter of an addict. And I truly believe it has made me a better person.

The Koala bear is my favorite animal.

I bite my lower lip, on the right hand side, all the time . . . especially when I'm nervous or laughing.

Crab cakes are lovely. I hate all other seafood.

My nickname growing up was Skittles.
Because I wore a sparkly multicolored sequenced beret to school.
With hot pink Reebok high tops.
And lime green scrunch socks.
And red glasses.
(No joke.)

I'm scared to death to die.
(If that makes sense.)
I always thought I would in a car crash.

My eyes are green, like my father's eyes.

Danny Wrights's CD "Phantasys" can put me to sleep no matter what's on my mind.

I hate the smell of Patchouli - give me Vanilla or even Musk, anyday.

I love history and disdain math.

I'm 5'6"

My husband and I met in a photography store.

I've never been skiing or ice skating.

I am, however, a kick-ass bowler.

I'm so.

G'night all you, my loves.


  1. WOW - Jess, so many things we share in common.
    The metalsmiths, moby, the allergies, the biting of the right hand side of the lower lip, and the never been skiing.
    oh, and I work in the photography industry and thats where I met my man....


  2. I think my puppies feet smell like Frito's. I'm just sayin. ;P Have a good weekend...love your jewelry.

  3. OMG - I've never said it out loud to anybody (but my dogs, of course) but I have always thought my dogs paws smell like popcorn! love that you said it out loud!!! (your jewelry is amazing!)

  4. I too, am a daughter of an addict.
    a better person I am for it, and a better parent I will be some day.

  5. Koala Bears are cute, yes....but the noise they can make in the middle of the night would prob make you wet your pants when you don't know what it is! lol It's really freaky. And you so gotta try iceskating! It's so much fun! :)

  6. My dog's paws smell like musty fritos. It is my favorite smell in the world!

  7. You are such a great gal....love all the tid bits of info....so you gotta try Crest cinnamon toothpast, it's like an Orbit commercial. And IF ONLY beer on tap meant free refills..now thats what I'm talkin' bout! I too heart turquoise (December baby)...and the hot dog, well I like my plain with a super fresh bun that I can smush around the dog... My mother was..IS.....and addict..since before I was born..This December I had to quit being an "enabler"... cut all ties..move on for good..blah blah blah....and I KNOW that I am a stronger person and a kick ass mom cause I learned from her mistakes at a very tender age(for that.. I thank you mom). Cute nickname...you should have been dubbed Punky Brewster( or was that BEFORE your time). My son Levi is a hippie, a cute lil dread head that bathes in Patchouli.. I prefer vanilla and almond...umm almond oil smeels sooo good.Not much for ice skatin' but I OooOOoOOO so dream of becoming a Derby Girl( as soon as I get insurance). Someday you can come watch my bout...Have a GREAT Easter weekend chickie..xoxo.Delia

  8. OK, JJ. you got me. I was smelling my Dakota's foot when my mail carrier came. *sigh* I'm sure he's seen stranger things. Right now her feet smell like dirt because she's been digging, I'll have to catch her in the morning, but she didn't seem too thrilled to have me sniffing her feet.

    I hear ya on the clown thing. I don't like them & I won't go to circus because they're everywhere. I don't like mime's either, I'm not scared of them, they're just annoying.

    We have a lot of other things in common too. One of the big ones is wind chimes. I love, love, love them. I want my entire front porch draped in windchimes of every size & material. I have 3 right now, but I need (want)more.

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of Miss JJ.


  9. I million little bits that fall together to make us whole.

    my dog's feet smell like fritos, I'm scared to death of escalators, and I pick at my lips when I'm nervous (and I've noticed my Lucy does now too, sigh). I always have a book near by with another one in reserves. My mom was agoraphobic when I was growing up, and I think that made me more independent. I love lilacs and daisies, and I love all the little things that make us who we are. Enjoy your weekend :)

  10. Love this list...
    Getting to know Rosy, the short list! ;)
    Have so much to say that I will not say anything...:|

  11. Cool things to know about you. Surprised so many mention their addict parents. So glad they overcame. My father was an alcoholic that drove my mother off the edge of sanity. I am who I am because of it I am sure. It what we hide and DON'T tell anyone that forms who we are.

    Happy holiday to you Jess.

  12. : ) cute list...no patchoulie : ) ha ha

  13. you rock!
    However you got here....you are a terrific person!
    love and light
    from you know where