28 April 2010

The New Custom Order System

Custom work is resuming in May!

As most of you know, I've been struggling a bit with balancing my custom order work
and keeping fresh items in the Etsy shop that are available for anyone to purchase.

. . . And as Charlie says, it's all about balance.

It occurred to me a couple months ago that I really needed to develop a system that would allow me to tackle both areas of my business equally and to the benefit and fairness of all involved . . .
myself included.

My artist side (which is THIS big)
and my business side (which is THIS big)
don't always see eye-to-eye,
so this process has been a bit of a tricky one for me to sort through.
I never, ever, EVER want to turn down custom work.
I enjoy doing it and always appreciate being asked,
out from among the throngs of talented jewelry designers online,
to make something specific and special for someone.

But, at the same time, a girl needs time to play.
Or at least I do in order to come up with fresh ideas.
When I'm swamped with custom order work,
I don't have that time for experimentation,
which in turn leads to not having fresh ideas and work to post in the shop.

If you're not waiting on a custom order,
it's really boring and irritating to wander into an online store that is always only stocked with things specifically designated for someone else.

Necessity is the mother . . .
Here's the new system.

If you are interested in having Rosy Revolver custom work done,
please read the following!

1.) Once a month, every month, there will be a 24 hour window for submitting custom orders.
The time frame for this window will be announced well in advance both on this blog and in my Etsy shop announcements.

2.) Custom order submissions should be sent via Etsy convos ONLY (no facebook, no personal email) and should
outline at least the essential idea of what you're interested in having made, i.e. ring, necklace, etc.

3.) I will accept the first 10 orders that are submitted during the window. I'll be using the time stamps located at the bottom of the convos to determine whether or not submissions were sent during the appropriate time frame. If more than 10 orders are submitted, I'll take the first 10 received within the window. If less than 10 are submitted, I'll take the orders that do come in (also during the window) but will NOT be accepting orders that come in after the window.

4.) Once the window has closed, I'll go through the convos and will respond to let you know
a.) That I received your request,
b.) whether or not it has been accepted (i.e. what order it was received in) and
c.) that a listing has been created for you in my Etsy shop.

5.) If your order is accepted, I will post in the Etsy shop a custom order listing for you in the amount of fifty dollars.
This listing will be your deposit and also acts to officially reserve your spot in the custom queue.
You MUST pay the deposit right away in order for your order to be considered active.
Listings for deposits that are NOT paid within 24 hours will be deactivated and I'll move on to the next person on the list whom submitted a custom order request during the 24 window.

6.) Deposits are non-refundable.
They do, however, count towards the final cost of your custom work.

7.) Deposits will be pooled and one large raw materials order will be placed. I want to streamline my material orders and this is partially why the 24 hour window and deposit are so necessary.

8.) Once raw materials arrive, I'll begin work on orders as they were received and accepted. I'm aiming at completing 2-3 per week, or the entire queue within a month. We will exchange convos during this time about the status of your order, and we'll also delve into more detail about what you'd like specifically included, etc.

9.) The whole system will repeat at the beginning of each month,
with the submission window being announced in advance,
orders submitted and accepted/denied,
deposit listings posted and paid for in the Etsy shop,
raw material purchases made,
and items cranked out over the next few weeks.

And over and over,
each month,
every month.

I'm sure this system will show its kinks and flaws as it's put into action the first time around.
Please bear with me as I work to perfect it and try to accommodate everyone.
My goal is to make this process as fair and organized as possible.

NOTE: The 24 window will start and end at a different time each month in order to oblige different time zones.

The May window is:
8:00am May 3rd-
8:00am May 4th

Please feel free to convo me if you have questions or concerns,
and thanks in advance for your patience as I test out this new system.



  1. Sounds like a great system Jess. It really sounds like you have all your bases covered!

  2. Wow, a very smart system. I'm grappling with the same thing right now--lots of custom orders and little time to work on new designs. But because this is a peak time when brides are ordering jewelry for their weddings, I expect to have a little lull soon... :)
    Glad to see you're so busy! Your work is so lovely :)

  3. Sounds like really good plan that you've thought a lot about. Good luck this weekend....wish I could come see you, but I'm tied up in Durham this weekend.


  4. setting my alarm for 8am monday! mine's easy, something you've already made several of. boring, sorry. but i can't wait!!

  5. If you are struggling with too many orders (which is a good thing) I would reccomend raising your prices. It's plain economics. If demand is that high you can raise your prices, you may loose a few customers but you'll make up for it in the prices you raised on everything else. Though most likely you won't loose any customers, you jewelry rocks.