28 April 2010

Our Talks

He says the strangest things at this age,
learning words everyday and rattling them off
but not quite sure how they all work together.

Yet somehow they do,
in the phrases he assembles.
And though he doesn't quite realize how poignant he's being,
The Monkey speaks in oddly wise ways as of late.

The other day when he woke up,
I asked him if he'd had a good sleep.
He said yes.
I asked if he'd had a good dream.
He said his dream was on the floor,
and that it had flown away.
I was amused and somehow sad,
knowing adults feel this way often.
He's struck something true in his simple attempt to use the words he's been learning.

Last night was one of those nights when the moon awoke before the sun was ready to sleep.
The west was orange and the east was blue.
Clouds and colors blurred together and we were making our way down the long road home.

He said, Oh No, the moon is gone,
and I said no it's not . . . it's just behind the clouds.
He said It's stuck! We gotta go get it!
And I said,
I don't think I'll be making it to the moon in this lifetime, baby, but you just might.
And he said, I can't reach it!
And I said yes you can.
Yes you can,
and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


  1. Its funny how the world looks to a child's eyes. My daughter is 36. We were driving down a dark stretch of highway just coming to a town. She saw the street lights ahead in the distance and said "Look, the stars is landed".
    I'll never forget it.

  2. O, I guess I should have said she spoke those words about 33 years ago! LOL

  3. Sometimes I miss this, seeing the world with the clarity of a child’s eyes. The eyes that see before complicated matters of life make us skeptical, jaded or pessimistic. Such a simple, delightful reminder.

    Thanks JJ.

  4. yes. yes, so profoundly simple.
    love this.

  5. what a lovely conversation...just the sweetest!
    thanks for sharing JJ!

  6. O, Monkey you are so cute... I hope someday you get to picnic on the moon!

  7. I missed this one
    so glad to find it
    precious little monkey...they steals the mamma's heart!