22 April 2010


Quick note!
Busy, busy round these parts.
Show inventory been keeping me running,
broken water heater, wet feet, and this is day 4
(THE FINAL DAY, mind you)
without hot water.

I need to do laundry like . . . whoa.

Keith came home and promptly went off again.
Off in NYC somewhere today.
Shooting somebody.
My camera-packing tumbleweed of a husband.
And I have a yard desperately in need of tractor.

I've missed you, y'all!
How is everyone?


  1. Wish I lived near by... of course first I would have to rob the bank, then head over to the show......

  2. Also running a risk of being buried under a mountain of laundry over here at our house - otherwise we are all good :)

    Wishing you hot water and a speedy return of the man.

  3. I'm a fellow Fuquayer (is that a word?) - you are welcome to come over, have a hot shower and do laundry... Can't wait to see you 5/1. Izzy

  4. Izzy, I saw you were following me!! I was so glad to see a local! :) Thank you so much for the kind offer. We officially have hot water back now. I took the longest shower of my life about two hours ago.

    :) Looking forward to meeting you!!

  5. Hey there lovely lady
    have miss you too
    so glad you have the hot water back..

    things are interesting over here...you know I do have a 16 year old boy....
    like I said....interesting ; )
    love and light