08 April 2010

Sprigs of Spring


Based on these small souvenirs of springy splendor.
I've been on a collecting spree and am keeping the evidence of the season
in a vintage green jewelry box.

New ring series in the shop later this afternoon.
Eight to be exact.
And hopefully worth the wait.



  1. Love your plant collection and the box...I so need a box! Have a great one JJ!

  2. Love it! I've heard it's almost summer already in North Cac. I remember how it would literally go from freezing rain to 85 and humid in a matter of days (I lived in Fayetteville for a time). I hope you enjoy the spring before the squeeters and mugginess set in! :)

    Can't wait to see what's been cooking (I'm always blown away by your creations!!).

    Take care!

  3. beautiful!
    you know I feel challenged to come up with new descriptive words when i come here...must pull out that Thesaurus!!!
    Can't wait to see the new rings!
    Hey if you have time in that busy creative life of your, I have a giveaway going on and would love for you to take part!
    Love and Light Jewelry Goddess

  4. JJ hope little Monkey is on the mend.. : (

  5. Lovely little plants! I just discovered Irises growing in my front yard :) Every day there's something new springing up {squeal}!