13 April 2010

Walking Into Walls

I was up all night.

With a puppy whom, when I wasn't looking, decided to eat.
An entire bottle.
Of vitamins.
Nearly 150 of them.
Chewed right through the bottle.

After a frantic call to Animal Poison Control,
I learned that one can induce vomiting in a dog by feeding him
hydrogen peroxide every 15 minutes.
Until his stomach is empty.

Except apparently you have to make sure the hydrogen peroxide is still active
by taking a swig of it and swishing it around your mouth.
If it bubbles up around your teeth, you're good to go.
Well, I love my dog.
So bottoms up, J.

After foaming like a rabid animal,
and spitting like no lady ever should,
I took the HIGHLY active peroxide and
proceeded to make a peanut-butter-peroxide cocktail.

Long story short . . .
what a night.
And the pup is just fine.
Chasing the cats and eating my rose bushes.
(And my teeth are very clean.)

Note to self:
Store vitamins in a high up location.
And "childproof " is not necessarily synonymous with "puppy-proof."

In other news,
my camera conked out on me.
I have jewelry to post but no way to photograph it.
Keith is away at work this week and took HIS camera,
so for the time being,
I am without a way to share the latest work with you.
I'm going to run to Raleigh later today and see if I can't get my Canon some TLC.
Hopefully, like the dog, it can be nursed back to health.

I have a show May 1st!
But I barely have any inventory.
(Somehow I always get myself into this situation.)
I'm keeping the Etsy shop open,
but I won't be stocking everything I make.
After the show, there will be a huge shop update.

I've also realized, in light of my participation in The Handmade Market,
that Custom Orders will have to wait until this show is over.
(I'm sorry for the inconvenience; I had originally been thinking I'd start taking
orders again this month, but I think now that would be too much to take on.)

for taking custom orders again is
MAY 3rd.

Details on the new system and how everything will work
will be posted here later this week.
Possibly in a video post.
We shall see.
But stay tuned for all that good stuff.

And . . . on a final note.
The Monkey turns 3 tomorrow.
He has informed me that he wants
I asked if he was sure he wouldn't prefer lavender or ochre or burnt sienna cakes
but he insisted on blue.

Blue cakes and The Monkey's 3rd birthday.
I gotta get that camera fixed!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh my gosh- I'm glad the puppy is ok, but the thought of dealing with that all night is just awful! Poor girl...

    And happy birthday to the monkey! :)

  2. wow this is starting out a crazy week for you.
    glad the pup is ok.
    Pups are like monkeys..they get into everything for 2 yrs or so my vet said..
    i think he is correct..

  3. Oh no - hope Banjo is okay. Our old dog once ate an entire bag of hersheys kisses and we had to do the same thing. We finally brought him back in thinking he was all done getting sick when he climbed underneath our bed and threw up one last time (moving furniture and shampooing carpets not so fun at 2:00 a.m.)- hope all is well, early Happy B-Day to the little monkey, take care.

  4. OH poor puppy ( and poor JJ!)
    So glad to hear everything is ok though. When we first got Tucker we had to be worried, he's a Yorkie and a real ground feeder. Thankfully he never really chewed things that bad, so he didn't get into much.
    He does however love to go into the backyard in spring time and dig holes for worms. Yep - gross I know!
    Hope you get that camera fixed ( and get a little time to rest!)

  5. Oh my, that's quite a night you had! I'm glad the puppy is feeling better. I hope the little monkey has a great birthday! :)

  6. blue is a fine color for a birthday cake (or two).
    xols :)

  7. oh my gosh!! I hope you get rest today or at least in the very near future. Poor you! xoxo

  8. oh my. i too learned about peroxide-induced vomiting the hard way. years ago when my roommate's beagle got into some of my medication (and i chanted pleasedontdie pleasedontdie pleasedontdie). and again this past christmas when my dachshund (possibly) swallowed my earring. he did not puke up the earring, and boy was there plenty of it to dig through...

  9. i've got to laugh about the cakes.
    parker turned six and wanted a 'huge' cake.
    it was four stories with neon blue icing.

  10. Those must have been the tastiest vitamins! 150!! I mean, that takes dedication!

    Very happy to hear that he's okay. And get that camera fixed! You must feel like you're missing an appendage without it!

  11. !!!Happy Birthday Monkey!!!
    Poor Pup...Err...Poor YOU. :\
    Hope the blue cakes are yummy!

  12. What a week you are having...sick camera, sick dog and Happy Birthday Little Monkey!

  13. Happy Happy Birthday to your little man! Glad to hear that Banjo is okay..

  14. Oh my so happy to hear your pup is ok!!! And, yay to your little guy's 3rd birthday! XO

  15. LOL @ Kelly Reece!!!! They must have been relly good tasting vitamins, but then dogs lick their own booties, so I guess they just taste better than his butt. I'm soooo glad Banjo is doing fine & kudos to you for not totally freaking out. I guess that's the mama in you.

    Good luck on getting everything ready ready for your show. I won't be able to come see you, but I know you'll do fine. You certainly pulled it together for Centerfest last year & I hope to see you there again this year.

    Blue birthday cake...I love it!!!