16 April 2010


Sometimes a girl just needs a dose of alpenglow light.
A warm breeze.
Geese above and gravel below.

I find my meaning out here, in the simple spaces.
I walk and look, not for anything other than the sake of looking.
To take notice of what I need to see,
in order to be aware of what is important.
My footprints.
The tracks Keith left when he drove away last Sunday.
The coming night.

I smell soil and grass and Carolina Pine.
Taste dust still lingering from today's plow.
Hear horses and crickets, and somewhere beyond that, an airplane.
We're all going somewhere.

I think I'm missing him.


  1. awe - hugs Jess!
    There is a place I like to walk up by my parents cabin that is always comforting to me when I need to re evaluate something, miss someone, or just generally feel down. Its like my little reflection on life spot.
    Each time I am there I feel like I am discovering something new. I think about the people that were there before me, and the ones that will come after.
    Somehow I always feel a little bit more complete after breathing in the atmosphere and taking the time to enjoy it.


  2. Hello, you.
    I have missed you and your view of this otherwise mundane world. Thank you for making this post shine its otherworldly light straight into my heart.

  3. Love this post
    this is such a reflection of your heart, your creativity, and your connection
    it is so good to just breathe the earth in...all of her
    thank God for the gift of life that she gives us
    to me it seems that nature...the earth....just has a way of putting things into perspective for me, like nothing else
    so subtle
    yet so strong

    love and light to you today
    he will be home soon

  4. Beautiful post, Jess. I love how you write.