26 May 2010


This post, like everything else in my world lately,
is WAY past due.

Last week, a new {fantastic} online publication was launched
by three {fantastic} women.
And Emma.

Delish Magazine.
"Live like you mean it," they encourage us all.

Any woman who wants to be and do her best everyday,
has a sense of humor and sharp wit,
who knows her boundaries and pushes tirelessly against them,
who works hard and plays hard,
who loves life,
who loves love . . .
this is something I encourage her to read and be a part of.

I was honored to be featured along with several other amazing artists
in the "Heavens to Etsy" section.

You can check out the Delish website

and read the beautifully assembled online magazine


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  1. again...you ROCK!
    Thanks for this JJ
    love and light