03 May 2010

Show Recap and Shop Updates

I'm tuckered!
It was a lovely weekend, albeit full.
Pics from Saturday's show for all to see-
it was a grand time!
Not highly profitable,
but fun.
Charlie and I had a ball.

My display was a set-up of old wooden hand-painted trays and various
wrought-iron baskets and cups.

The beautiful Reconstructing Sarah stopped by to see me as well,
on her way to the beach for some much-needed rest.
It's easy to be shocked, I think, when we find our cyber friends are really "real"
flesh-and-blood laughing, smiling people.
She's sweet as a peach on her blog.
And somehow far more wonderful in person.

My talented friend Jim built my display structure.
We wandered around town and salvaged wood from some of the fallen-down smokehouses I'm always talking about.
Jim built me a rustic produce stand,
complete with a tin roof and heavy pillars.
It smells wonderfully of wood and linseed oil.

The perfect cap on the front . . .
a wrought iron treasure I found over at Monkey and Squirrel.

Shop updates all throughout the day today,
and tomorrow as well if I don't get everything posted before passing out.
I feel nap coming on,
and that's okay by me.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
The best part for me was spotting my work on a smiling face across the room.
There's nothing like it.



  1. Beautiful display and pictures!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time! Everything looks positively delicious and I love love love your display structure- too cool! Take care and hope you are able to kick up your feet and relax a little this week :).

  3. WOW Jess your display really was wonderful! Very eye catching and worked perfectly with your jewellery ( which was to die for as usual) I imagine you probably had a day full of "oooohhs" and "Ahhhs" of people amazed by your beautiful work.
    I may have a show ( a big one too) to go to around these parts and I am clueless as to how to prepare. The only one I have ever done was a total amateur organized one and was a total fail lol

  4. I love your new display..it totally fits your brand. It's nice that Charlie was there to help with the little breaks you both need. I couldn't be there to bring you chocolate, but maybe the next time. Your new pieces are just lovely & I'm sure that what you have left will fly out of your shop.


  5. What a lovely display! I imagine everyone made a secret wish for each one of those goodies! Have a great week!

    : )

  6. oh, dearest lovely jess...what a pleasure! everything was truly impressive...your work, your display, your assistant (who is absolutely delightful), your family (what a handsome bunch!), and, of course...YOU! such an honor to meet someone who inspires me so! :)

  7. Did the lady get sold? I love that piece so!

  8. tee hee, that smiling lady in the picture at the bottom is one of my favorite customers. she's so super...just like you.

    see you soon?

  9. =(, again, makes me sad i missed it...

  10. A cornecopia of silver delights, looks like you had a wonderful set-up (your displays look awesome). Looking forward to watching your pieces fly off your shop shelves. Take care.

  11. ...AWESOME work & displays Jess...

    i'll take that one & THAt one & thaaat ONE...and...

  12. What a great display! You have such wonderful insights and ideas. It must take a lot to carry and set up your booth, yes?

  13. Oh, girl.... how lovely it all looks!!! You are such a treasure.

  14. oh my gosh... your set up is amazing, as is your work! it makes me so happy to see that my little cast iron goodie has found such a perfect home :)