28 May 2010

Surface Areas

Farewell rotten vinyl.
Hello warm ceramic.
Paint swatches on the wall . . .
still deciding but thinking Gypsy Moth in an eggshell enamel.

Tom Petty on the stereo.

Heaven on the top floor of an old bank on Main Street.

Singing to an empty room.
A little louder with every refrain.
Building a space in which to build myself.


  1. Love that exposed brick and the light filtering in through those glass blocks. If I weren't halfway cross country I'd stop by with some margaritas and a paint brush. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. loven' that
    loven' that

    mmm I am with Susie, would totally be coming by with some cold ones, snacks and my painting clothes on!!!! What a hoot that would be!!!
    ahhhh one can dream

  3. ...Congrats on the new space Jess...looking goooood!!!

  4. you are amazing -- a hard working lady with amazing taste. this space is going to be superb! you're going to build yourself a reputation as a nationally known artist. i'm glad i saw it early, early on!!!! yay, jj!!! i'm so proud of you, i could cry with joy!!! i'm feelin' part sister, part momma, and just all tingly all over.

    with love,


  5. such a sweet space... looks good for the soul

  6. One step at a time...make it yours!

  7. let me know if you need some help, lady friend.

  8. Like a slice of crusty brick in heaven.

    Plus I have no idea just what shade "gypsy moth" might be, but the name alone has all my vote.