18 May 2010

Whereupon I Show Face Again

Goodness me, it's been awhile!
I've been buried in my studio and quite frankly, the oven.
Been on a pie kick the past week or so.
Local berry farms are in full swing.
I don't really have the jam and canning thing down like so many of my beloved friends,
but I DO make a mean pie.
{And a pretty dang good smoothie, too.}

she slurps.


Been working on custom orders.
And I've got a big batch of earrings in progress that will be in the shop later this week.
Keith is waiting to hear on news that could mean a full-time videography/photography job for him.
With benefits.
It puts me in a state somewhere between wanting to sprint and faint.
I've been so hushed in talking about the prospect,
afraid that the mere whisper of it might blow the chance away.
But I've decided to yell it out.
That giving it voice will somehow give it substance.
Be happy you can't hear me today.
And thankful that this isn't a video blog post.

There's another reason to scream a little in anticipation.

I've found a small hole in the wall in a historic building downtown . . .
I think I might love it dearly.
I think I might have to move the studio out of the house.
Sometimes I go stir-crazy,
here all alone so often despite Banjo's puppy antics.
So last week I spent some quality time hole-hunting.
Something with high ceilings and natural light.
Maybe exposed brick and pipe.
Maybe a second floor loft, with a rooftop access.
Overlooking the barbershop on Main Street.
Maybe . . .

I think the rest of May holds a lot of promise.
April showers are showing their beautifully blossoming consequences.

Hope you all are well, too.

Hanging tightly to happy,


  1. so glad that everything is going so well for you.....beautiful work as always too.

  2. Oh, the excitement of a hole-in-the-wall studio! Have fun looking!

  3. That studio sounds real nice...and I second Louise, beautiful work indeed! : ) Good luck!

  4. Helloooo, beautiful- haven't talked to you in a while! I saw your earrings sold from my treasury that made the front page recently- woohooo!

    I'm thinking I'm going to learn canning- my new house has a rhubarb patch! I made my first strawberry-rhubarb crisp this weekend and it was soooo good. I know I won't be able to eat all the rhubarb myself, though, and I don't want to waste it!


    P.S. I know you'll find the perfect studio!

  5. Happy studio hunting! I keep flitting back & forth with the idea too but then I realize I would never make it there in the summer while The Boy is out school & I'm pretty sure my best ideas come to me while I'm wearing my PJ's, which could be awkward ;)

  6. I'm so excited for you! This past week has been a bright one for everyone I know. Lots of new babies have been born! I'm on vacation. You and your family are doing well. Ahhh... Life needs to stay like this for a long, long while!


    (what's your secret to the pie crust?)

  8. I will keep my fingers crossed for Keith and for a fab hole in the wall to jump out at you!

  9. Welcome back, you! Beautiful work, as always, and well worth the wait! Ooooh! And good luck on your studio hunting!

  10. ...ok...those delights above are incredible...the stones have such VIBRANT COLOR...& then there's that UNUSUAL one...that i especially like...with the medieval critter...perhaps a button RosyRedux??!!

  11. Hoping that the benefits come through; that's important stuff, real important for the whole clan. Let us know. We love you and will be holding
    you up in our prayers!!!

    Your work is the height of art -- imagination and emotion expressed and embodied in color, shape, form and design!!!



  12. Jess,

    I missed you.
    Delighted by the work that came about in your absence.
    Jealous beyond words of such a studio space.
    Thinking you should have taken pictures of the pie-ness.


  13. Well hello there, lovely miss.

    I see you have been crafting beauteous gems in your absence. Good for you. It's nice to 'disappear' once in a while!


  14. Our downtown is so cute, I hope that's where you are looking. And I'm so close I could come by and say "hi". Exciting stuff!! Much luck to your hubby!

  15. Hope everything works out for you & Keith. More beautiful new pieces from you.


  16. Have missed your posts terribly.
    Glad you have returned with joy and verve.
    Adore Mr. Fox in the Rosy Patch.

  17. Good luck with studio if you decide on it! Don't forget the "produce stand".
    Kate received several compliments on her earrings and told everyone where they came from.
    Go Keith!

  18. gorgeous work!
    oh...to have a real studio space, sigh. that would rock? good luck with all.

  19. Fingers crossed for prospective job opportunities. Fingers crossed for the chance to have a cool studio space downtown. Fingers crossed that I might get my hands on a slice of some fresh berry pie!

  20. Fingers double crossed (don't ask me how I managed it, I am just too excited for you!!)

    I have my nose crossed, too :)


  21. have missed you friend!
    so excited for you about your new space and hubbies possible job!!!
    have a wonderful weekend jesse

    oh yeah and by the way..... those rings ROCK!!!!

  22. Trade you a jam-stash for a pie-cache?

    I'll be terribly sad if heaven isn't made of exposed brick and natural light, as there is really nothing better. Fingers, toes and knees crossed for you, but honestly, I have NO doubt!