07 May 2010


. . . Charlie's been a packaging fool.

Everything is en route.
Happy Friday
and thank you all from two very,
very Rosy-cheeked chicas.


  1. have mercy! what is in those HUGE boxes?!?! :) xols

  2. wow! yes, i am wondering the same thing as sarah, esp about the uline box; are you making sculptures you have not shown us yet, jj???? we'd love to see (lol!!!).

    i would not be surprised by anything. you are so a-mazing. i feel like a little mouse lost in one of those little fun-run-mazes when i look at your work -- awed by all of it -- filled with praise and joy; it's so much fun to run through looking at it all; i want to play dress up everyday; actually, come to think of it, that's what i do, thanks be to God and jj!!!

    hugs, sweet girl.


  3. ha! the uline box is full of little packages. we just used it to carry them