22 June 2010

Life Lately

. . . has been the busiest, most insanely messy kind of lovely.
Do you know what I mean?

Still in the process of switching studios . . .
won't be long now.

Progress shots:

A view out my window . . .

Our tiny downtown . . .

The vintage pink sofa and chair that Keith is SO glad I'm finally moving out of the house.

The mess.

The mess.

Next project, the range hood I'm using for ventilation.
Followed by serious clean up.

And the tobacco is flowering!
I used to have a perfume made from the oils of this flower,
sort of a spicy scent with a hit of sweet at the end.

Note to self: Find more perfume.

And everything at the farm is breaking out and bursting open.
Black raspberries.

It's a place full of life,
there are pockets of mystery here.

We collect the produce in old tobacco cans.

Life is busy.
Life is good.

Shop update tomorrow.



  1. Oh I had a tobacco scented perfume once too - it was lovely!
    Life looks just beautiful Jess - a space all your own to work in, and leave work in :-) I wish I could spend time where you are, it has been rainy and dreary and our street is being torn up by road workers. Certainly not conducive to peace, quiet and creativity I tell you!


  2. new shop looks like an amazing space!!!! so will it be just studio space... or a bit o retail too???

  3. i love your pink sofa, and the way you redid the window. congrats on the new shop; you did a nifty job! it looks great! i like the range hood idea for ventilation too! but the pink sofa really does it for me; it makes me happy. thank you for the shots of the tobacco flower; i needed to find something of beauty associated with that plant; thank you! what is the name of the flower???? i love the picture of the monkey too!!! i love the haze; thanks for sharing. you bring tears of joy to my eyes.


    i (i've missed you lots)

  4. What an excellent writer you continue to be, JJ. I love seeing the world through your eyes and always will. The shop is coming along beautifully and will be a place of solace, as well as production, to be sure. Lots of hugs from me to you...

  5. missed you lately but this post makes up for it. love the shot of the monkey w/ the sunflares/spots.


  6. can't wait to have tea on the pink sofa and watch to do your magic... =)

  7. not to be trite, but i love it all.
    and i love sticking my face and nose specifically into out yankee cousin of the tobacco plant and flowers...
    i choose the chartreuse and the pink nicotiana. as you so aptly said, spicy and sweet and nostril filling.

    the monkey is adorable. no question about how that came about...

    i can't wait to hear news about the new space and the wedding. and equally importantly, the shop update. you know how greedy i am, both for stuff as well as your flavor of eye candy.

    xoxoxo. me

  8. ...you are actualizing your life...so...beauti~FULLY...

  9. i have worn Halston for years and it has a tobacco base. the spice tone is sublime!

  10. Oh my darling.... what a blossoming :)

  11. Such a lovely studio and pink sofa too! Congratulations on the studio shaping up so nicely! : )

  12. things are looking good friend!
    love and light